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2.1.8 Society and Thought of the Elohim

The Elohim are physically closely similar to humans on the Earth aside from body size and atmosphere to breath. They are roughly 1.2 m tall. The composition of the atmosphere of their planet differs from that of the Earth and they can't directly breath that of the Earth. Their language is similar to ancient Hebrew. They call themselves "humans" in their language. ("Elohim" seems to be a tentative name against humans on the Earth.)
The location of their planet is unknown. Yahweh says their planet is a little less than 1 light-year from Earth. (Rael says distance measurement of astronomers on the Earth is incorrect.)
The population is 7,000,000,000. There are males and females. Children are 40,000,000. They keep constant population through population control. On the other hand, each person respectively have 10 "biological robot" servants closely resembling humans.
Then the population including biological robots might be 77,000,000,000.
The average life span is 750-1,200 years old. Young people have treatment at the age of 18-21 to lengthen their life span over 750 years. People can have restricted number of children. (One child per one person)
Only chosen 700 are immortal (eternal) and live apart from others as mentioned below. They are members of "the council of eternals" and resurrected every 1,000 years to live for ever. Yahweh invented technology of resurrection 25,000 years ago and the oldest members have experienced 25 lives respectively.
People existed in these 25,000 years might be 7,000,000,000 x 25 = 175,000,000,000. The immortal 700 people seem chosen among 175,000,000,000.
There are 7 provinces on their planet. There are different races and cultures depending on the provinces.
Ordinary people live in cities. The average population of each city is 500,000. One city is a huge house 1km in length and height so as to avoid environmental destruction. The shape of the huge house (city) is cube-like.
(Volume of a city would be 1,000,000,000 cubic meters including street area (if they need street). Then the average space per one person would be 2000 cubic meters. If the height of one floor is 4 meters, the area for one person (1.2m tall) (and his/her 10 biological robot servants) is 500 square meters.)
He/she has a swimming pool respectively.
Typical daily life would be wake up in the morning, bathe in the swimming pool, have a breakfast, and do what they like to do. Ordinary people enjoy arts, films, creative activities, sports, romance etc. They would less restrain their sexual appetite. They don't need to work. There is no currency or money. Tasty meals and goods for life are sufficiently instantly provided as they wish. They believe it is permissible to kill animals for food as long as the animals do not suffer. People can learn things through chemical education without hard practice. Information to be learned can be trasmitted injecting brain memory matter.
Eternals have specific tasks in return for their immortal privilege for instance to supervise computers to deal with such as food, energy, and organization.
Once ordinary people have died, a grand council, "last judgement", takes place annually to judge whether there were worthy persons deserve to be resurrected to live once more. The second judgement takes place after the second life. If he/she is judged worthy of resurrection again, he/she will live the third life. Persons living the third life are probationers for eternals. Then after the third life, the third judgement takes place. If he/she passes the third judgement, he/she can be eternal. There are 210 probationers living the third life.
The council of externals governs their planet. The president of the council of eternals is Yahweh, 25,000 years old. He invented the technology of eternal 25,000 years ago and he has been the president since then.
700 eternals live on another planet with 8,400 humans ever lived on Earth and resurrected. Ancient prophets such as Moses, Jesus are resurrected. There are 90,000 biological robot servants on this planet, 10 biological robot servants per human or Eloha. (Eloha is the singular of Elohim.)

Yahweh claims political essential doctrines for humans are Geniocracy, Humanitarianism, and World Government as mentioned later.
What Yahweh (or the Elohim) believes in is just human genius. They have no religion and no God to believe in.

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