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2.1.9 Request and Reward of Yahweh Request, Proposal, and Reward to Humankind Requests to Humankind

The primary request of Yahweh to humankind is to be peaceful with the Elohim and be wise. Specifically, he requests humankind to accept the messages of Rael, utilize science and technology in good ways particularly nuclear energy, abolish nuclear weapons, and build an embassy (a residence) for the Elohim in a pleasant country with mild climate to welcome the Elohim as directed to Rael.
Going into details, the residence should have 7 rooms to to accept guests (the Elohim) with a separated bathroom respectively, a conference room to accept 21 people, a swimmimg pool, and a dining room to accept 21 people. The residence has at most 2 stories (2 floors) and should be screened from view by trees and bushes. There should be a terrace on the roof to land a spacecraft 12 meters in diameter. It should be accessed from the terrace to the interior. The area containing the 7 rooms should be directly under the terrace and exclusively for the Elohim. The area containing the 7 rooms should be separated from the section used by humans on the Earth by a thick metal door lockable from the inside. An aseptic chamber should be built at the entrance to the conference room. The residence should have 2 entrances. The residence should be built in the middle of a park and it should be protected from spectators. The park should be entirely surrounded by walls (except 2 entrances) to prevent peeping. The residence should be at least 1,000 meters apart from the walls. 2 entrances in the walls are one on the northern side and the other on the southetn side. The air space above and around the residence should not be under direct surveillance of a military or a radar. The area should be treated as neutral territory for the embassy of the Elohim on the Earth.
The primary candidate of this embassy's location is Jerusalem, since where the first humans were created is Jerusalem, the first embassy on Earth was the first Jewish temple (Solomon's temple) in Jerusalem, and Jewish people are descendants of the Elohim. Yahweh says if Israel accepts the messenger and the embassy, people of Israel will live there (present-day Israel) in peace. After the Jewish people refused Jesus the messenger, Rome accepted the message (Christianity) along with the glory. Then Yahweh says if Israel refuses the messenger again and another country accepts the embassy along with the glory, Israel may be ruined again.
Subsequently, Yahweh announced a message on Dec 13, 1997 CE. In this message, Yahweh started to refrain from requesting the embassy to Israel, since Israel would not accept the request of the embassy for years. Then the Raelian Movement started to request it to other countries.

The embassy (residence) seems implied in Eze 37:26-28 associated with the unified nation of Israel.
*"Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them, and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; I will establish them and multiply them, and I will set My sanctuary in their midst forevermore. My tabernacle also shall be with them; indeed I will be their God, and they shall be My people. The nations also will know that I, the Lord, sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forevermore" (Eze 37:26-28).
Other than that, the problem of overpopulation should be resolved immediately. The population of humans on the Earth is already sufficiently numerous (as of 1973 CE). Humans should develop contraception and pass strict laws authorizing women to have no more than two children. Humans should deal with this problem to show the intelligence.
The world population as of 1973 CE would be about 3.94 billion (3,940,000,000).
In addition, the International Raelian Movement, in 2020 CE, declared that the world population should be reduced by 50 percent, which would still be more than 3.5 billion (3,500,000,000) and that level should be maintained.
The world population as of July 2020 CE would be at most about 7.8 billion (7,800,000,000). Then it means that the world population be controlled around 3.5 - 3.9 billion (3,500,000,000 - 3,900,000,000).
* "World Population in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population Proposals to Humankind

Proposals for human society is summarized as "The New Commandments" in chapter 6 of "Book One: The Book Which Tells The Truth". The advice is Geniocracy, Humanitariamism, and World Government.

Geniocracy is political system governed by geniuses. Yahweh claims democracy is not the best form of governance. Yahweh claims governance by geniuses is the best form for human development.
Democratic votes frequently result in ridiculous conclusion. For instance, Copernicus was condemned by a majority of incompetent people, since ordinary prople can't figure out the truth. To improve the circumstances, intellectual capacities of individuals should be measured. Only those with an intellectual capacity of at least fifty percent above the average should be eligible for a public post. Voters should be with intellectual capacities at least ten percent above the average. In short, Geniocracy is to place the genius in power.

People should be born with approximately the same level of financial means, since talent of geniuses should not be wasted by poverty. Yahweh suggested this could be called "Humanitarianism". Property ownership should be abolished for "Humanitarianism" without establishing communism. Humans should ensure that the world and all goods are not owned by humans. Humans are only tenants. Proposed system is as follows. For example, a man at the age of 21 rent a house for 49 years. If he has paid the total cost of the house during 49 years, he can live there until his death without any additional payment. The house should go back to the government after his death. However, if his son would like to live there, he can live freely all his life in his father's house. Inheritance should be completely abolished except for the family house. For example, farmers rent land from the government, cultivate it for 49 years, and it all goes back to the government after 49 years. Everything that is of value such as shares, gold, and buildings will be rented for 49 years.
Geniuses will understand the usefulness of these reforms.
Yahweh says these are prescribed in the Bible.
"And you shall count seven sabbaths of years for yourself, seven times seven years; and the time of the seven sabbaths of years shall be to you forty-nine years" (Lev 25:8).
"The land shall not be sold permanently, for the land is Mine; for you are strangers and sojourners with Me" (Lev 25:23).

The concept seems associated with the theory of communism (advocated by Jewish philosopher Marx and implemented by Jewish revolutionary Lenin) that all means of production are owned in common rather than by individuals.

World Government
Yahweh claims World Government is necessary as well. He says the creation of a worldwide currency and a common language would be helpful to establish the world government. Scientists and linguists should create a new worldwide common language. A new worldwide common currency should be created as well. In addition, the suppression of military conscription is required. Professional armies shoud then be assigned to protect public order. Rewards to Humankind

Reward to humankind is to receive their advanced social and scientific knowledge.
However, technology of eternity (immortality) seems not (so easily) be given. The Elohim who enjoy the technology of eternity are not so numerous and application of the immortal technology is restricted even on the Elohim. In addition, other advanced technology seems not so easily be given, since Yahweh frequently requests political and social reform on the Earth. Request, Advice, and Reward to Individuals Requests to Individuals

Requests to individuals could be summarized as follows from "The New Commandments" in "Book Two: Extra-Terrestrials Took Me to Their Planet" and "Modification of the New Commandments" in Rael's book, "Let's Welcome The Extra-Terrestrials".
(1) Audience and Transmission
You should appear at least once in your life before the Guide of Guides (Rael) and your cellular plan (DNA code) should be transmitted to the Elohim's computer for the final judgement.
(2) Recollection
You should think at least once a day the Elohim, the Creators.
(3) Propagation
You should try to radiate the message of the Elohim around you by every possible means.
(4) Donations
You should, at least once a year, give a donation to the Raelian Foundation at least equal to one percent of your annual income to help the mission.
(5) Gatherings
You should, at least once a year, invite the Guide of your region and gather people who are interested in hearing explanation of the message.
(6) Designation of the Guide of Guideds
The Guide of Guides will be elected for a seven year term by at least 12 level-five guides. If level-five guides are less than 12, level-four guides will join up to the quota. If there are not sufficient guides at these two levels, level-three guides will be admitted to join. The Guide of Guides could be reelected.
(7) General Contribution
Aside from the New Commandments, contribution to humanity is generally recommended. In addition, able people have to much contribute to progress of humanity. Advice to Individuals

Sensual Meditation
Yahweh recommends humans to have Sensual Meditation practice to reach a high level of harmony with infinity. The nose was created to smell, the eyes were created to see, the ears were created to hear, the mouth was created to taste, and the fingers were created to touch. Humans should develop their senses so as to get more enjoyment from all those things. Rewards to Individuals

The ultimate reward is resurrection (successful reincarnation) on the planet of the eternals with eternal life and with no suffering. Those who have obviously contributed to progress of humanity including Rael's mission (in accordance with their ability) will be resurrected on the planet of the eternals. Persons on the planet of the eternals will be served respectively by beautiful 10 male and female biological robot servants (look-alike of real beautiful humans) to satisfy the master/mistress.

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