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2.1.14 Cosmology

According to Rael, Yahweh told cosmology as follows.

Each particle in this world (this cosmos) contains small cosmoses (small universes). The small cosmoses (universes) have fixed stars, planets, and so on. There are higher living things in small universes like the Elohim. The Elohim discovered small intelligent higher living things in a small universe with a high state of civilization like the Elohim. Such millions of worlds (in millions of particles) are being created and annihilated at any time. Similarly, this cosmos (universe) is a particle of the larger universe.
Such magnitude correlations link from infinite large universes to infinitesimal universes.
On the other hand, time passage is inversely proportional to the mass (weight) or the level of the form of life of the worlds. For example, 1,000 years in this cosmos correspond to the time passage to take one step of walk for larger beings. Then because of the time passage's difference between the large universe and the small universe, communication between the 2 universe is impossible.
In addition, space of a universe is infinite and there is no center. Time is infinite and there is no ultimate beginning.

Aside from that, time travel returning to the past is impossible.

The Elohim's emblem consists of the Star of David (2 interwined triangles) and Swastika.
The Star of David represents "as above, so below" (the lower level is similar to the higher level), the magnitude correlations linking infinitely. The Swastika represents "everything is cyclic." All the wisdom of the world is contained in the emblem. This emblem would be also seen in ancient writings such as the Bardo Thodol (the Tibetan Book of the Dead).
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