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2.2.2 A Chronological Table of Some ETs and Related Matters

Time Location Event
6000 BCE North Africa A space suits like depiction
5500 BCE North AmericaUFOs like depictions
4000 BCE Eastern EuropeKiev's space suit like strange suited figure
1000 - 400 BCEEast AsiaJapanese Dogu figurines like space suits
600 BCE Middle EastEzekiel's encounter with weird beings
4 BCEMiddle EastThe star of Bethlehem led the wise men
900 CEEast AsiaA Japanese illustration depicting a burning wheel in the sky
1697 CEWestern EuropeA German illustration depicting glowing wheels in the sky
1908 CE Jun 30 
Tunguska Explosion
"Tunguska Event in Wikipedia"
1917 CE Oct 13 Portugal FatimaOur Lady of Fatima
1942 CE Feb 24
The Battle of Los Angeles
"Battle of Los Angeles in Wikipedia"
1944 CE Nov Germany Foo Fighter Sightings
1945 CE Aug 6 Japan Atomic Bomb Explosion on Hiroshima
1947 CE Jun 24 USA WAThe Kenneth Arnold Sightings
1947 CE Jul 8 USA NMThe Roswell Incident
1947 CE Sep 18 USA Foundation of the CIA
1947 CE Sep 24 USA Foundation of MJ-12
1948 CE Jan 1
Establishment of Project Sign at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base under control of (CIA and) MJ-12
1948 CE Jan 7 USA KYMantell UFO Incident
1948 CE Mar 25USA NMAztec UFO Crash
1948 CE May 14Middle East Independence of Israel
1949 CE Feb USA Establishment of Project Grudge succeeding Project Sign
1950 CE USA Frank Scully published "Behind the Flying Saucers."
1952 CE
Establishment of Project Blue Book in the US Air Force succeeding Project Grudge
1952 CE Nov 20
Geroge Adamski claims an encounter with a humanoid
1954 CE USA Negotiation between MJ-12 and some kinds of ETs
1954 CE USA Greada Treaty
1958 CE Jan 16 Brazil Trindade UFO Sighting
1961 CE Jan 20 USA Inauguration of J.F.Kennedy
1961 CE Sep 19 USA NH The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction
1963 CE Nov 22 USA TX Assassination of Kennedy
1966 CE USA Establishment of Project Aquarius succeeding Project Gleem
1967 CE
Abduction by Reptilians
"Reptilians in Wikipedia"
1967 CE USA COReports of Cattle Mutilation
1968 CE USA Condon Committee's negative conclusion
1969 CE World Over Broadcast of Apollo11's landing film
1969 CE Dec USAClosure of Project Blue Book absorbed by Project Aquarius
1970 CE
en route to the Moon Apollo13 Oxygen Tank Explosion
1973 CE Dec 13 France Rael's 1st Encounter
1975 CE Oct 7 France Rael's 2nd Encounter and travel to the immortal planet
1975 Nov 7 USA Cattle Mutilation
1976 Sep 19 Iran Tehran UFO Incident
1976 Oct 7 France2 Spaceships Sighting by members of Raelian
1977 CE Showing of the Movie Close Encounters
1977 CEUSA Disclosure of Documents named Blue Book No.13
1978 CE Mar 14 Elohim's Message Warning Other ET
1978 CEEnglandNumerous Mystery Circles
1979 CE Oct
Rael disclosed the new revelation regarding the meaning of Revelation of John
1979 CE Dec Israel Elohim let 7 Rabbis dream likewise to request the Embassy
1981 CE Jan 21 USA Inauguration of Reagan (Vice President: Bush)
1982 CE World OverShowing of the Film E.T.
1983 CE May USA Television show "V" introduced the concept of Reptilians
1984 CE
Doubtful "MJ-12 papers" were sent to UFO investigators, Shandera and Moore
1985 CE Disclosure of Dulce (New Mecico) Under Ground Base Facilities
1986 CE Jan 28 USA Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
1986 CE Apr 26 USSR Chernobyl Disaster
1987 CE USA Disclosure of MJ-12 Document
1988 CE USA FBI Investigation of MJ-12 Papers
1989 CE USA Development of Penetration Arms Excalibur
1989 CE USA Negotiation with Reptalian in failure
1991 CE
David Icke was inspired about Reptilians
"David Icke in Wikipedia"
1997 CE Dec 13 New Message of Elohim involving the Location of the Embassy

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