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2.2.4 Our Lady of Fatima

An outline of Our Lady of Fatima would be explained in Wikipedia etc.
* "Our Lady of Fatima in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Our_Lady_of_F%C3%A1tima
Details of Our Lady of Fatima would be explained in Fatima Crusader.
* "Fatima Crusader the True Story" http://www.fatima.org/crusader/truestory/truestorytoc.asp

Our Lady of Fatima is said to be a vision or an apparition of Mary (mother of Jesus) emerged at Fatima in Portugal in 1917 CE accompanied by "Miracle of the Dancing Sun." 3 shepherd children near Fatima claimed they met a beautiful woman. (Strictly speaking, Lucia and Jacinta met the lady, but Francisco couldn't see her aside from the last month.)

According to their explanation, they met an angel sent from God, Jesus, and Mary with a figure of young transparent man for the first time in 1915 CE prior to the meeting with the lady.

Subsequently they met a brilliant lady standing over a foliage of a holm oak at a basinal pasture called "the Cova da Iria" (the basin of St Iria) (diameter: 500m) near Fatima on May 13, 1917 CE. She claimed that she came from heaven. She requested the children to come to the Cova da Iria on the each 13th day of the succeeding 5 months through Oct 13 at the same hour (at noon). Lucia asked about her 2 friends deceased just before the meeting whether they were in heaven or not. The lady replied that one was in heaven and the other was still in purgatory (at that time). Then the lady requested to say the rosary every day to bring peace to the world, elevated herself, and disappeared after 10 minutes' meeting.

For the second time on June 13, a crowd of about 60 people followed the children to the Cova da Iria. Lucia met the lady for 15 minutes and she was told that Jacinta and Francisco will be soon taken to heaven.

For the third time on July 13, a crowd of about 5,000 people gathered at the Cova da Iria. Lucia and Jacinta met her. Other people coudn't see the lady, while people witnessed a greysh cloud over the holm oak. Lucia requested the lady to perform a miracle and the lady predicted performance of a miracle on the last day. Lucia petitioned salvation of some people. The lady agreed about some of them, however, the lady declined about others and just requested to say the rosary. Subsequently, Lucia was told three secrets.

*The secrets had been kept, but the first 2 secrets were revealed in 1942 CE.
1st secret: vision of hell
Lucia saw a vision of hell and the lady requested devotion to immaculate heart.
2nd secret: World War II and Consecuration of Russia
The war (World War I) would soon end. However, another worse war would break out. If people take heed of her requests, Russia will convert and peace will come. Otherwise Russia will spread her errors, promote wars, and various nations will be annihilated. (It is said that an important sentence after this is not yet revealed.) In the end, Russia will be consecurated and some time of peace will be given to the world. These secrets should not be revealed until the designated time aside from to Francisco.
3rd secret
It is said that Lucia was forbidden to reveal the 3rd secret by the lady. However, after she was convinced, she wrote a letter and the letter was sent to Rome. Then the 3rd secret was published on Jun 26, 2000 CE. According to Vatican's announcement, it was roughly visions of "an angel set the world on fire and Our Lady" and "assassination of the Holy Father and religious people." However, reliability of Vatican's announcement is controversial as explained in Wikipedia.
* "Three Secret of Fatima in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Secrets_of_F%C3%A1tima

On August 13, a crowd of about 20,000 people gathered at the Cova da Iria, while the children couldn't visit the Cova da Iria interfered by an opponent. (However, it is said that a mass of snow fell, stayed over the holm oak for 15 minutes, and elevated.) The children accidentally met the lady on August 19. She requested to say the rosary every day and pray and make sacrifices for sinnees. She also predicted to perform a miracle on October 13, and told that St Joseph, Jesus, Our Lord, Our Lady of the Rosary, and Our Lady of Sorrows would come on October 13.

On September 13, a crowd of about 30,000 people gathered at the Cova da Iria. Then the crowd witnessed a silver sphere (a globe of light) appeared in the sky. The sphere disappeared and Lucia met the lady. According to Lucia, the lady again requested to say the rosary every day and said that on the coming October 13 she would perform a miracle and come with St Joseph, Jesus, Our Lord, Our Lady of the Rosary, and Our Lady of Sorrows. Lucia petitioned salvation of some supplicants and the lady agreed about some but rejected about others. Then the lady disappeared and the crowd witnessed the silver sphere elevating in the sky again. (In addition, it is said that a mass of white cloud fell on the children.)

A crowd of about 70,000 people gathered at the Cova da Iria on October 13 in the rain. The crowd witnessed a mass of white cloud 5 meters high arose around the children. The children including Francisco met the lady. The lady requested to build a chapel there, gave her name as "I am Our Lady of the Rosary" (Nossa Senhora de Rosario), requested people to say the rosary and repent, and elevated in the sky. Then the crowd witnessed "the dancing sun." However, it was not so bright as the sun, since people could easily gaze and watch it unlike the sun. It was a large silver disc rather than a sun. The large silver disc rotated and hovered in the sky for 10 minutes casting various colors (green, blue, red, purple) of light. Then the disc elevated in the sky.

*"Our Lady" is a synonym of "the Virgin Mary" (mother of Jesus) in Catholic.

"the dancing sun" seems so-called UFO, flying saucer, or spacecraft, since UFO, flying saucers, and suchlike were unknown at that time. The lady or the vision would be a legitimate message from Yahweh.

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