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2.3.4 History of the Children of Israel (After the Diaspora) After the Babylonian Captivity

Thus the 10 tribes disappeared and the Diaspora of the remained started.
In contrast to the secular theory that assumes the Diaspora started in 70 CE by the Roman Empire, the Jewish Diaspora started after the Babylonian captivity. The Jewish population was led to Babylon, firstly in 597 BCE, eventually in 586 BCE.
* "Babylonian Captivity in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonian_captivity
Cyrus II of Persian Achaemenid Empire defeated the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Jewish people were released (538 BCE). The population of the Jewish people in Babylonia at that time is said to be some 150,000. Some Jewish people returned to Jerusalem. However, the majority of the Jewish population stayed in Babylonia, since most Jewish people were born in Babylon and they had stably settled in Babylonia. It is said that the Jewish people (firstly) returned to Jerusalem (Canaan) were 42,360, some 1/4 or 1/3 of the Jewish population returned to Jerusalem.

*"The whole assembly together was forty-two thousand three hundred and sixty, besides their male and female servants, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred and thirty-seven; and they had two hundred men and women singers. Their horses were seven hundred and thirty-six, their mules two hundred and forty-five, their camels four hundred and thirty-five, and their donkeys six thousand seven hundred and twenty" (Ezr 2:64-67).

The returnees completed the Second Temple in 515 BCE.

Overview Map of the World in 500 BC
* https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:World_in_500_BCE.png Establishment of Alexander's Empire

Alexander III (Alexander the Great: 356 - 323 BCE), the son of the king of Macedonia, a small Greek kingdom (present-day Greece as of 2020 CE), focused on territorial expansion, and established Alexandria in present-day Egypt (as of 2020 CE) in 332 BCE.
The Jewish people welcomed Alexander III as the man prophesied by Daniel (Daniel 7:6, 8:3-8, 8:20-22, 11:3). Alexander III treated the Jewish people of Alexandria with particular care. (Greeks of the time are also said to have dark hair and brown skin)

Roman Copy of an Original 3rd Century BC Greek Bust of Alexander III
* "Alexander the Great in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_the_Great

He overthrew the Achaemenid Empire (present-day Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and part of Pakistan as of 2020 CE) in 330 BCE and replaced it with an empire spanning the former territories of the Achaemenid Empire and present-day Greece (as of 2020), forming Hellenistic culture that combined Greek and Eastern cultures. Hellenistic cultures were formed and fused together, and Greek became the lingua franca in these regions.
Alexander the Great died suddenly in 323 BCE and his men (Greeks) fought a succession war as his successors (diadochoi), which lasted for about 40 years from 323 to 281 BCE and the empire was eventually divided into three kingdoms: Seleucid Empire, Ptolemaic Egypt, and Antigonos Macedonia.

The Power Structure in 323 BCE

In these areas, the Greek translation of the Old Testament began to be produced in Alexandria, Egypt, around 250 BCE, because most Jewish people only understood Greek.
Diodotos, a Greek satrap (governor) of the northeastern end of the country in Seleucid Empire, revolted in 256 BCE and partly established himself as the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom in the northeastern end, by the way.

* "Greco Bactrian Kingdom in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco-Bactrian_Kingdom
* "History of Europe" Wikibooks" https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Brief_History_of_Europe/Print_version

In addition, Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Seleucid Empire ruled Canaan, forced Greek culture and persecuted the Jewish population in Canaan (167 BCE). A lot of Jewish people in Canaan fled or migrated to Alexandria or other Hellenistic world from India through Rome creating their communities. Most Jewish population settled outside of Canaan could not understand Hebrew. The Hebrew bible was translated into Greek (Septuagint) in Alexandria under the Ptolemaic dynasty in 132 BCE. Qin Dynasty in China Background

At this point, it is necessary to explain about Qin (秦), China's first unified state, because Qin might be associated with descendants of David.

The practical areas of mainland China are the wide plains of the lower Yellow River, the basin (the Weishun Basin) around the Wei River, which is a tributary that extends straight west from the lower Yellow River, the lower and middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and the area surrounded by these. It was inhabited by an ethnic group called the Huaxia or Han people. This is where battles took place in China.
It is said that the Qin dynasty was founded in 905 BCE in the upper reaches of the Wei River, a tributary that extends westward from the middle reaches of the Yellow River (the western edge of the practical areas of mainland China).

At the time of 260 BCE, China was in the Warring States period in which there were seven states in its practical domain. Subsequently, Qin (Chinese: 秦), ruled by King Zhaoxiang (Chinese: 昭襄王), became a major power that controlled the Weishui Basin and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

* "Warring States Period in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warring_States_period Unification of China by the Qin Dynasty in 221 BCE

King Zhaoxiang's son was Lord Anguo (Chinese: 安國君) (302 - 250 BCE) (later King Xiaowen), and one of Anguo's more than 20 children was Yiren (Chinese: 異人, 异人). However, Yiren's mother, concubine Lady Xia, was shunned by Lord Anguo. Yiren was held hostage in the enemy country of Zhao.
However, Lü Buwei (Chinese: 呂不韋), a merchant, supported Yiren. Lu Buwei introduced his favorite concubine, Lady Zhao (Zhao's woman), and Lady Zhao married Yiren and gave birth to a child named Zheng (政). (There is also a theory that Lady Zhao was Lu Buwei's favorite concubine and Zheng was Lu Buwei's son.)
Due to Lu Buwei's success, Yiren escaped from Zhao in 258 BCE and approached King Xiaowen's step-wife, who had no children. He was adopted by Lady Huayang and took the name Zichu, eventually became the fifth king of the Qin dynasty, King Zhuangxiang (Chinese: 莊襄王).
King Zhuangxiang soon died, his son Zheng (259 - 210 BCE) ascended the throne in 247 BC at the age of 13, and under the effective control of Lu Buwei, Qin's military increased power. Supposedly Lu Buwei at that time began construction of the imperial mausoleum. Afterwards, Zheng came of age and assumed power, conflicting with his mother Zhao and Lu Buwei, and overthrowing them both.
In 241 BCE, the Qin dynasty became powerful defeating the combined forces of Zhao, Chu, Wei, Han, and Yan. In 221 BCE, he unified the practical regions of China (the Weishui Basin, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River), and the "Zheng" took the name "Emperor.'' He was later called Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇).
He abolished the feudal system and introduced administrative units and subunits, where bureaucrats (governors) were dispatched from the central government. He began full-scale construction of the Great Wall of China and practiced autocracy. It is said that he died and he was buried with a large-scale terracotta army at the mausoleum.
Much of this period is written in later history books called Shiji (史記).
* "Record of the Grand Historian in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Records_of_the_Grand_Historian
* "Zh Wikisource /史記/卷006" https://zh.wikisource.org/wiki/史記/卷006

Depiction of Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇)
* "Qin Shi Huang in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qin_Shi_Huang Identity of the Qin Dynasty

According to traditional understanding, Qin was a nation of the Huaxia Chinese or Han Chinese, the indigenous people of China. However, Greek and Jewish elements can be seen in the Qin Dynasty around the time of unifying China and Qin Shi Huang (Chinese: 秦始皇), there is speculation that the government and Qin executives were Greek-Jewish.
* "Huaxia in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huaxia
* "Han Chinese in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_Chinese
The arguments include the following.

His father was called Yiren (Chinese: 異人), which means "extraordinary person" or "another person." It is said that the mother was looked down upon and Yiren was in the position of being offered as hostages.
The name Lü Buwei (Chinese: 呂不韋) is a strange name for a Chinese person, and as a merchant, it is possible that he had close ties to foreign countries. A theory claims that "Lu Buwei" comes from a backwards reading of the Hebrew word "YHWH EWL ((יהוה עול" (Yahweh burdens).
The district system was similar to the satrap system of Achaemenid Persia, and it is possible that they had knowledge of Achaemenid origin.
According to Records of the Great Historian, called Shiji (史記), Qin Shi Huang is said to have had a long nose, long eyes, a protruding chest like a hawk, and a voice similar to that of a mountain dog.
These characteristics were more Middle Eastern and European than typical Oriental.
The elaborate and realistic terracotta soldiers and figures of the mausoleum, which was supposedly started by Lu Buwei, are alien to Chinese art and similar to Greek art. Elaborate Greek influences can be particularly seen in the "teracotta of acrobatic entertainers" (雜技陶俑), in the bronze statues of ducks, swans, and cranes.

General View of the Pit No. 1 of the Mausoleum

* https://kamatiam.org/透視秦俑/
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Human bones excavated from ruins of the time in northwestern China (present-day the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as of 2020 CE) contained European DNA.

* "Xinjiang in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xinjiang
* "BBC News: 兵馬俑揭秘:公元前3世紀古希臘的靈感" https://www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/china/2016/10/161012_terracota_greek

At that time, the Seleucid Empire, the successor state of Alexander's empire, controlled as far as Lake Balkhash, east of the Caspian Sea, and there were no military obstacles to reaching the Qin-controlled territory from there.
Jewish people were on good terms with Alexander's empire, it is likely that Jewish people were also included in Seleucid Empire or related powers. Fall of the Qin Dynasty

Although the Qin dynasty was the first to unify major regions of China, after the death of Shi Huang, its national power declined and it was unable to suppress internal rebellions, leading to its fall in 206 BCE and was replaced by the Han dynasty consisting of the Huaxia Chinese or Han Chinese. Era of the Roman Empire

The Roman Republic (or the Roman Empire) ruled Canaan since 63 BCE.
The population of the Jewish people as of 20 BCE is said to be 4,500,000.
The population of the world ca. 1 CE is considered some 200,000,000 or 300,000,000.
The population of the Roman Empire at that time is said to be 45,000,000.
The population of the citizens of the Roman Empire is some 4,500,000.
The Claudian census (48 CE: in the reign of Clauds) refers to 6,944,000 Jewish population in the Roman Empire.
(The population of Rome (city) at that time was some 1,000,000. The population of the Jewish people in Rome (city) could be estimated some 20,000.)
The population of the Jewish people in Canaan at that time is said to be 2,500,000. The majority of the Jewish population was not in Canaan, they had already scattered.

The First Jewish-Roman War (66 - 73 CE) and Bar Kokhba's Revolt (132 - 135 CE) occurred, the Jewish power was defeated by the Roman Empire. Jewish captives would have been sold into slavery.

In addition, according to the widely accepted theory, the Jewish population in Canaan was expelled from Canaan.
As of 200 CE, communities had scattered in the Roman Empire. Populated places were Jerusalem, Alexandria, Carthage, Cordoba (the Iberian Peninsula), Massilia (present-day Marseille, France), Genova, Rome Campania (present-day Italy), Calabria (present-day Italy), Ephesos (Asia Minor), Miletus (Asia Minor), Tigris, Babylon, and so on.

Contrary to that, another theory claims that Jewish city dwellers were expelled but "workers of the land (farmers) remained attached to their land" stayed in Canaan, eventually converted to Christianity and then Islam, and became Palestinians and Arabs in Israel. For example, several Palestinian extended families, most notably the Makhamra family of Yatta, have recent traditions of having a Jewish ancestry. The Elohim significantly claim, "a majority of Palestinians are, in fact, genetically real Jews because their ancestors were Jews. Meanwhile, a majority of Israelis lack the genetic traits of real Jews because they are, in fact, descendants of central European people who converted to Judaism."
* "Palestinians in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinians/
"Elohim Leaks #2" http://www.elohimleaks.org/bacteriological-world-genocide/

Besides, it is said that some Armenian cities (South Caucasus: between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) had Jewish population ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 as of 4th century CE, while it might have included descendants of converts to Judaism.
* "History of the Jews in Russia in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Russia

The Babylonian Talmud was compiled around 500 CE in Babylon. Islam

Islam arose in 638 CE. Islam was generous to the Jewish population because of its doctrine. The Umayyad Caliphate invaded the Iberian Peninsula through the northern coast of Africa in 711 CE. A numerous Jewish population migrated to Cordoba, while it might have included descendants of converts to Judaism. They didn't have serious financial difficulties. Khazaria

Khazaria should be mentioned, while the relation between Khazaria and Ashkenazi Jewish population is controversial.
Khazaria arose in present-day Caucasus (between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) around 650 CE because of the fall of Gokturk in Central Asia due to it's civil wars.
Gokturk (Turkic) originated from the Ashina clan in the Altai Mountains (in a sense a border between Mongoloids and mixed Turkic Eurasians) some 1,500km to the east of Lake Balkhash (Altai is some 1,500km to the northeast of Tian Shan). (The Ashina clan is said to have been a mixed tribe involving Xiongnus. (originally Mongoloids)) (Gokturks seem mixed Eurasians.)
The religion of Gokturk was Tengrism associated with Khan Tengri Mountain in Tian Shan. (As mentioned later in reference to Judaism and Japanese religion Shinto, Judaism or Nestorianism might be associated with Tengrism and a small group descending from Judah moving to the east might be associated with Tengrism.)
* "Gokturks in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6kt%C3%BCrks
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* "Tengrism in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengrism
* "Tengri in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengri

After the fall of Gokturk, Khazaria dominated Caucasus (between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) and its northern area (present-day Ulyanovsk Oblast of Russia, east of present-day Ukraine (as of 2020 CE), and so on). The capital of Khazaria was Atil located on the north-northwest of the Caspian Sea.
People of Khazaria were called Khazars. Khazars are said to have originally practiced Turkic Tengrism. (Tengrism is said to have been possibly associated with Judaism or Nestorianism.)
It is said that a considerable number of East Slavic population on the northwest adjacent to Khazaria were captured and sold as slaves to the Islamic world at that time by Khazar people. (Islam was not negative as to slavery.)
*Details of East Slavic population at that time are unclear, since little literature on East Slavic population at the time is seen. They seem rather undeveloped. Origin of Slavic population including East Slavic population is controversial, while theories wonder around the northwestern area of the Black Sea, present-day Ukraine (as of 2020 CE).
* "Slavic Peoples in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavic_peoples#Origins
On the other hand, some Jewish people in present-day Lithuania trading among the Baltic Sea and present-day Poland in the 8th century CE are said to have been reported.
* "History of the Jews in Lithuania in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Lithuania
The origin and the tribe of Khazaria are unclear.
Theories would be
(i) Uyghur Turkics (supposedly mixed Eurasians),
(ii) Huns (supposedly Mongoloids from east; possibly mixed Turkic Eurasians),
(iii) Transoxiana Turkics (present-day Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc; supposedly mixed Eurasian)
(iv) North Caucasian,
(v) Emperors of Khazaria are descendants of the Ashina clan (Turkic) of Gokturk. This theory (v) is based on the assumption that statement in "Hudud al-'Alam" (The Regions of the World: Persian geography book of the 10th century CE), "Khagan (emperor) of Khazaria is the descendant of Ansa' ast" ( از فرزندان انسا است: az farzandān-i Ansā' ast), could be interpreted as "the descendants of Ashina."
(vi) The Lost Tribes of Israel from Nineveh.
* "Khazars in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazars
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* "Ulyanovsk in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ulyanovsk
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* "History of Khazaria" http://www.khazaria.com/khazar-history.html

It is known that the basic religion of Khazaria was Judaism at latest around 900 CE.
There would be 3 theories in reference to Ashkenazi Jewish population which was mainly around 1750 CE around Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the region between the Baltic Sea and the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea, present-day Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (as of 2020 CE).
(A) Khazars are not associated with Ashkenazi Jewish population around Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around 1750 CE. This is the secular theory about Ashkenazi Jewish population. It claims that Ashkenazi Jewish population around Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around 1750 CE descend from the migration of Jewish population from present-day England, France, Germany, and so on which started around 1100 CE
(B) Some of the Children of Israel moved to the northern region of Caucasus, their religion was originally Judaism, they became Khazars, they became part of Ashkenazi Jewish population around Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around 1750 CE. As mentioned above, religion of Gokturk and Western Gokturk was Tengrism, and as mentioned later, Tengrism might be associated with Judaism or Nestrianism and a small group descending from Judah moving to the east. This situation might support theory (B).
(C) Khazars were originally a semi-nomadic Turkic people from the east, Turkic peoples were originally Mongoloid (a roundish face, narrow eyes), they established Khazaria around 650 CE, they became like Caucasoid (Eurasians) through mixture with indigenous people. Their religion was originally Tengrism, they converted to Judaism sometime between 740 - 850 CE. After the fall of Khazaria, they became main members of Ashkenazi Jewish population around Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth around 1750 CE.

European Countries as of 2020 CE
*Attribution: "Europe in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe

Consequently, historical materials and the Elohim's disclosure strongly support theory (C).
Furthermore, there would be 2 theories about the date of the conversion and the motive, while the correct one is unclear.
Theory (C)-1 attributes the date to around 850 CE and the motive to reduce competing pressures from the Islamic power (Abbasid Caliphate) and the Christian power (Byzantine Empire) at the time accepting convenient religion to both Islam and Orthodox Christianity.
Theory (C)-2 attributes the date to around 740 CE and the motive to angelic recommendation to the king.

Evidences of Khazaria's Judaism would be like below.
Christian of Stavelot in his Expositio in Matthaeum Evangelistam (around 860 - 870s CE) refers to Gazari, (presumably Khazars) as living in the lands of Gog and Magog, who were circumcised and observation of all the laws of Judaism.

Evidences of Khazaria's conversion would be like below.
Persian historian ibn al-Faqih (alive in 902 CE) wrote that "all the Khazars are Jews, but they have been Judaized recently."
Ibn Fadlan (a member of an embassy of the Abbasid caliph), based on his Caliphal mission (921 - 922 CE) to the Volga Bulğars (Turkic state about 1,500 km to the north of the Caspian Sea), reported that "the core element of the state, the Khazars, were Judaized."
Ḥasdai ibn Shaprūṭ (a physician and a Jewish foreign secretary of the Caliph of Cordoba), wrote a letter of inquiry addressed to the ruler of Khazaria around 960 CE from the Iberian Peninsula, and received a reply from King Joseph of Khazaria. The exchange of this Khazar Correspondence might be an evidence of the conversion, while there would be 2 versions and the credibility is controversial.
According to the correspondence, King Bulan (in the reign of 740 - 786 CE) of Khazaria is said to have driven out the wizards and idolaters, spontaneously examined the true religion, Bulan is then said to have held a royal debate between representatives of the three Abrahamic religions. He decided to convert when he was convinced of Judaism's superiority. Many scholars date this around 740 CE.
Otherwise, the other version claims that an angel appeared in King Bulan's dream, encouraged him to convert to Judaism. Accompanied by his high official, he travelled to desert mountains of Warsān on a seashore, where he came across a cave rising from the plain of Tiyul (hiking) in which Jews used to celebrate the Sabbath. Here he was circumcised. Bulan is then said to have held a royal debate between representatives of the three Abrahamic religions. He decided to convert when he was convinced of Judaism's superiority.
* "Khazar Correspondence in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazar_Correspondence
* "Cultural and Secular Jewish Organization the Khazar" https://www.csjo.org/resources/essays/the-khazars-by-peter-wolfe-and-jeff-zolitor/
* "Khazar Hypothesis of Ashkenazi Ancestry in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khazar_hypothesis_of_Ashkenazi_ancestry" Frank

On the other hand, it is said that numerous Jewish people were in present-day France under Charlemagne (around 800 CE) (king of the Franks). He dominated including present-day Germany. Then Jewish communities in the Rhineland (west of present-day Germany) (Mainz, Worms, and Speyer) were formed, while they might have included descendants of converts to Judaism.
The Rhineland colonies are said to be the center of Ashkenazi Jewish population. The Rhineland colonies are an important clue for realizing complexity of Ashkenazi Jewish population. Then referring to the detailed sites of the Jewish colonies in the Rhineland, they were Mainz, Worms, and Speyer. Colonia (Cologne) followed. In addition, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in later years originate in Frankfurt am Main.
* "Cologne in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cologne
* "Mainz in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mainz
* "Worms in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worms,_Germany
* "Speyer in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speyer
* "Frankfurt am Main in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt Cordoba

On the other hand, it is said that 40,000 Jewish people were in Baghdad (neighboring 85km to the north of Babylon) peacefully with Muslims as of 900 CE.
Hasdai ibn Shaprut was a prominent Jewish figure in Cordoba in 960 CE. It is said that he corresponded with Babylonia (Babylon) and transferred the center of Jewish theological studies from Babylon to Cordoba. Cordoba was the primary city of the Jewish population at that time.
Jewish people were generally proficient in dealings including slave trade based on the Jewish information networks spread over vast region, while slave trade is frequently seen everywhere in the world's history.
* "Hasdai ibn Shaprut in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasdai_ibn_Shaprut
* "Jewish Encyclopedia Slave Trade" http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/13798-slave-trade
* "History of Slavery in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_slavery#The_Vikings_and_Scandinavia Kievan Rus' and Fall of Khazaria

East Slavic population around Kiev suffered from nearby powers. Then they allied with Varangian peole (a group of Viking raiders) from the Scandinavian Peninsula. Varangian people were merged into East Slavic population, Viking-mixed East Slavic population established the state Kievan Rus' around present-day Kiev (as of 2020 CE) around 882 CE to the west of Khazaria.
* "Varangians in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varangians
* "Kievan Rus' in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kievan_Rus%27

Khazaria was collapsed by "Kievan Rus'" in 965 CE. However, people of Judaism seem dwelt at least around the area of former Khazaria. The following website from Encyclopaedia Judaica gives Jewish figures and towns around Kiev after the fall of Khazaria. The character, called "Ephraim son," can be seen in a document, it particularly evokes the Lost Tribes of Israel, while it can be just a popular name for people of Judaism like Jacobson and so on.
* "Jewish Virtual Library Kiev" http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/judaica/ ejud_0002_0012_0_11117.html

Territory of Kievan Rus' as of 1000 CE
*Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KievanRus1000.png

In 988 CE, Grand Prince of Kievan Vladimir I once advanced to Constantinople to threaten the Byzantine Empire. However, he converted himself to the Byzantine Empire's Orthodox Catholic Churches and pulled the soldiers.
Other than that, it is said that a certain number of people of Khazaria's Judaism moved to the west-northwest, to Kievan Rus'. Persecution in Western-Central Europe and Refuge to Poland from 1098 CE

Persecution of Jewish population in present-day France (as of 2020 CE) (Capetian dynasty: 987 - 1328 CE) seems started in 1010 CE by Catholic diocese Alduin. On the other hand, a prominent Rabbi Rashi appeared in northeastern present-day France around 1100 CE. He also had teachings in Worms and Mainz in present-day Germany (Holy Roman Empire: 962 - 1806 CE). It is said that the First Crusade proceeded to present-day Germany and slaughtered Jewish people. The Jewish population in the communities along the Rhine such as Mainz, present-day Germany was said to be merely 3% of Jewish population in the 11th century CE. The Jewish communities along the Rhine were just part of numerous communities distributed around Europe, along the northern coast of Africa, through Central Asia at that time.
In contrast to the persecution, Boleslaw III of Poland (allied with Lithuania) is said to have invited Jewish people from a viewpoint of commercial interest. Then it is said that the first migration of Jewish population to Poland was in 1098 CE. The territory of Poland at that time was similar to that of present-day Poland (as of 2020 CE). The Mongol Empire Invasion of Kievan Rus' around 1240 CE and Persecution

The Mongol Empire's invasion to the west started around 1236 CE. People of Judaism descending from Khazaria are said to have fled to the west-northwest, to Kievan Rus' and present-day Poland (as of 2020 CE). Kievan Rus' was defeated by the Mongol Empire in 1240 CE, while her Viking-mixed East Slavic population moved to the northeast near present-day Moscow (as of 2020 CE).
Poland survived resisting the Mongol Empire, Poland allied with Lithuania.
On the other hand, Jewish population in Western Europe and Germany were purportedly persecuted as ever.
Jewish people in present-day Germany were alleged of cooperation with Mongol invasion around 1240 CE.
King Edward I expelled all (16,000) Jewish people from England in 1290 CE. Jewish people in Western Europe were said to be alleged of the cause of the Black Death around 1348 - 1350 CE. Charles VI, the Mad, of present-day France (Valois dynasty, Era of Hundred Years's War (1337 - 1453 CE) and the Black Death) expelled Jewish people from his domains around 1394 CE so as to release Christians' debts.
They might have moved to Poland at the time. Fall of the Mongol Empire around 1480 CE

The Mongol Empire declined around 1480 CE.
The Grand Duchy of Moscow of Viking-mixed East Slavic population started to expand.

Territory of the Grand Duchy of Moscow around 1500 CE
*Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Moscow1500.png Expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula and the Age of Discovery

The Iberian Peninsula was ruled by Islam peacefully from a Jewish viewpoint. However, Christian kingdoms recovered the Iberian Peninsula (Reconquista). Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile married, united their Christian kingdoms to be the Kingdom of Spain, and started to expel Judaism and Islam from the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish Inquisition (1480 CE) and Alhambra Decree (1492 CE)). 300,000 Jewish people in the Iberian Peninsula fled to various places, such as North Africa, Asia Minor, Balkan, Italy, London, and mostly Amsterdam.
On the other hand, the explorer supposedly from Genoa, present-day Italy, Christopher Columbus, persuaded Isabella I to support him sailing west to reach East Asia and India. India and East Asia were promising regions at that time, though the Ottoman Empire hindered it. Then he reached the new continent in 1492 CE boarding Santa Maria presenting red crosses. The ethnic origin of Columbus is controversial, while he might be a Jewish person.

Model of Santa Maria
*Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fort_San_Crist%C3%B3bal_(Puerto_Rico)_-_IMG_0207.JPG
* "Origin Theories of Christopher Columbus in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_theories_of_Christopher_Columbus
Genoa was a populated place of Jewish people. In addition, Luis de Saintangel, chancellor of the Royal household, Gabriel Sanchez, the treasurer of Aragon, and Juan Cabrero, Sanchez's assistant, advised Isabella I to support Columbus. They were all Jewish. Luis de Torres, an interpretor, Mastre Bernal, a physician, Marco, a surgeon, Alfonso de la Calle, and Roderigo Sanchez accompanied Columbus' sail. They were Jewish.
On the other hand, Jewish people, moved to Amsterdam, made an equity participation in Dutch East India Company in 1602 CE. The Dutch East India Company advanced into Java and dealt in spice.
* "Dutch East India Company in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_East_India_Company
The Netherlands had confronted England at that time, for instance, known as Anglo-Dutch Wars. The Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company are commonly said to be competitive.
* "Anglo-Dutch Wars in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Dutch_Wars
However, England and the Netherlands had signed a treaty about business in India and East Asia in 1619 CE. Despite accidental Amboyna massacre in 1623 CE, the English East India Company and the Dutch East India Company had shared interests, India for the English East India Company, Java and so on for the Dutch East India Company.
* "English East India Company in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company
* "Amboyna Massacre in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amboyna_massacre
The English East India Company and the Rothschilds in Frankfurt am Main at that time seem unconnected. Foundation of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569 CE

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was a federation of Poland and Lithuania founded in 1569 CE, ruled by a common monarch. As mentioned above, Jewish populations from west and from east-southeast gathered in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Territory of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as of 1620 CE
*Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rzeczpospolita_1619_-_1621.png Migration from Western Europe

The Dutch East India Company sought another merchandise in America and found beavers as fur in the Hudson River found in 1609 CE, named after Henry Hudson of the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company.
* "Henry Hudson in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Hudson
Pilgrims from England migrated to New England (such as present-day Massachusetts) in 1620 CE.
The Dutch East India Company settled in an island in 1625 CE and named it "New Amsterdam" (present-day New York).
* "New Amsterdam in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Amsterdam
New Amsterdam changed into New York in 1664 CE.
Subsequently, a lot of Sephardi Jewish people migrated to North America around 1700 CE and succeeded. Sephardi Jewish people became rather wealthy.
* "Early American Jews" http://www.loeb-tourovisitorscenter.org/jll_jews.shtml
By the way, the flag of England was the Cross of St George. (England (Anglo-Saxon's southern part of Britain island including Celtic Wales' southwestern part of Britain island) and Scotland (Celtic northern part of Britain island) were unified through the Acts of Union in 1707 CE to be the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Then the Cross of St George and the Andrew's Cross of Scotland were unified.) The flag of the English East India Company at that time (before 1707 CE) consists of the Cross of St George in the upper left quarter (canton) and red/white stripes.

Flag of the English East India Company as of 1685 CE
*Attribution: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:British_East_India_Company_Flag_from_Downman.jpg"

Flag of the English East India Company as of 1700 CE
*Attribution: "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:British_East_India_Company_Flag_from_Lens.jpg"

* "British East India Company in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_India_Company#Flags
* "St Geroge's Cross in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_George's_Cross
* "Flag of Scotland (St Andrew's Cross) in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Scotland
* "Acts of Union 1707 in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acts_of_Union_1707
"Committee of 300" originated in the British East India Company (former English East India Company) in 1727 CE.
* "Committee of 300 in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_of_300
The Boston Tea Party arose in Dec 1773 CE. (According to the accepted story, the British government allied with the British East India Company imposed on the tea monopolized by the British East India Company. Colonists opposed to Great Britain resisted throwing the shiploads of the British East India Company's tea into Boston Harbor. Then it led to the American Revolutionary War of Independence (1775 - 1783 CE).)
Geroge Washington won the independence in 1781 CE. The flag of the British East India Company changed into the flag of the USA in 1777 CE.
The total population of the USA as of 1776 CE is said to be 3,000,000, while the Jewish population in the USA at that time is said to be 2,500.
* "Flag of the United States in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_United_States Partitions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as of 1772 CE included present-day Belarus and present-day western Ukraine (as of 2020 CE).
It is said that 10% of the population was Jewish. According to the traditional theory, Jewish people in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were exclusively from Western Europe such as the Rhineland. In contrast, the other theory supported by the Elohim's disclosure would claim that most of the Jewish people in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth were from the east-southeast descending from Khazaria.
* "Polsh-Lithuanian Commonwealth in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish–Lithuanian_Commonwealth
* "Belarus in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belarus
* "Ukraine in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine

However, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was divided by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia, and Habsburg Austria and fell in 1795 CE. Then "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" in Poland and Lithuania (including present-day Belarus and present-day western Ukraine (as of 2020 CE)) lost the safe refuge.

Because the Russian Empire believed in Orthodox Catholic Church, people of Judaism were unfavorable, the Russian Empire excluded Jewish population.
"Pale of Settlement" was established by Catherine the Great of the Russian Empire in 1791 CE (lasted until 1917 CE). "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" in the Russian Empire were confined in the designated region between the Baltic Sea and the Crimean Peninsula of the Russian Empire in poverty. On the other hand, it is said that the population of "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" in Russia as of 1820 CE was some 1,600,000.
* "Pale of Settlement in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pale_of_Settlement

Region of the Pale of Settlement with the percentages of Jewish population c. 1905 CE

Viking-mixed East Slavic population of the Russian Empire dominated the region between the Baltic Sea and the Crimean Peninsula, Ukrainian East Slavic population and "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" were governed by the Russian Empire. Ukrainan East Slavic population, in a sense allied with the Russian power, confronted the Jewish population. Migration from Western-Central Europe

Some 250,000 of "Descendants through the Rhineland" (remained in the Rhineland) migrated from the Rhineland to the USA during 1820 - 1870 CE. Since the Revolution of 1848 in Germany was unsuccessful, most of them migrated to the USA around 1850 CE. They were called Forty Eighters.
* "Revolution of 1848 in Germany in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848_in_the_German_states
They are said to have descended from medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine such as Mainz, present-day Germany. They had financial difficulties. Some migrated "Descendants through the Rhineland" engaged in peddlers, retailing, finance, investment, and so on. The center of business for "Descendants through the Rhineland" was Kuhn, Loeb & Co. founded by the Rothschilds in 1867 CE.
* "Kuhn, Loeb & Co. in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuhn,_Loeb_%26_Co.
Migrated "Descendants through the Rhineland" (Forty Eighters) grew supported by the Rothschilds through Kuhn, Loeb & Co.
Marcus Goldman migrated from Germany to the USA in 1848 CE. He started as a peddler and grew to be an investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs.
* "Marcus Goldman in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Goldman
Later Macy's, Bloomingdale's, New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, Disney, Paramount, Levis, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder, Revlon, Rockefeller, and so on followed.
The population of "Descendants through the Rhineland" in the USA is said to be 230,000 as of 1880 CE. They tended to refrain from showing Jewish features, tended to assimilate in the USA society.

On the other hand, Karl Marx, in a sense a Jewish scholar, "Descendant through the Rhineland," released "Capital Volume I" in 1867 CE.
* "Karl Marx in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx Pogroms and 3 Jewish Movements after 1881 CE

After the defeat of Russia in the Crimean War 1856 CE, population of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth attempted independence against Russia (January Uprising in 1863 CE).
* "January Uprising in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_Uprising
However, the uprising collapsed and people (Polish and Jewish) were all the more persecuted.

Tsar Alexander II of the Russian Empire was assassinated in 1881 CE. Jewish power in the region between the Baltic Sea and the Crimean Peninsula was condemned for the assassination.
Pogroms, massacres of Jewish people, started on the north of the Black Sea. Pogroms continued mostly in present-day Ukraine (as of 2020 CE).

Pogroms induced 3 Jewish movements.
(Ι) Migration from Central-Eastern Europe
(II) Revolution in Russia
(III) Zionism establishing Jewish state in Canaan (Palestine)
* "Pogrom in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogrom

Subsequently, 2,800,000 of "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" migrated to the USA during 1880 - 1924 CE. (The USA restricted migration in 1924 CE.)
On the other hand for example, the population of "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" in Russia (mostly in the Pale of Settlement) as of 1897 CE is said to be some 5,200,000 despite the migration, though the population of "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" in Russia (in the Pale of Settlement) as of 1820 CE is said to be some 1,600,000. This growth of population is said to be accounted for by high birthrate.

Other than that, Vladimur Lenin, a Jewish politician in a sense, and his Jewish colleagues of "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe" remained in Russia made the October Revolution in 1917 CE. The Romanov family of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and their associates were executed in 1918 CE. However, a few children such as Anastasia purportedly escaped execution. The Jewish power founded the Jewish Empire, the USSR, in 1922 CE. Lenin (1870 - 1924 CE) was born in Ulyanovsk. Trotsky (1879 - 1940 CE) was born in South Ukraine. Djugashvili, also known as Stalin (1878 - 1953 CE), was born in Georgia of Caucasus in 1878 CE. (The meaning of "Djugashvili" in old Georgian language is controversial whether "son of Jew (Jewison)" or not.) The former 2 Jewish politicians allied, while Stalin supposedly aware of Jewish politicians' intention opposed them. On the other hand, Stalin married a former clerk of Lenin, Nadezhda Alliluyeva (1901 - 1932 CE), possibly a Jewish woman.
The birth places of these politicians are all in the area of former Khazaria.
* "Nicholas II of Russia in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_II_of_Russia
* "Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Duchess_Anastasia_Nikolaevna_of_Russia
* "Vladimir Lenin in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_Lenin
* "Stalin in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Stalin
Lenin died in 1924 CE. Trotsky was expelled by Stalin in 1929 CE. The Jewish power in the USSR to a certain extent started to decline since then.

Leon Pinsker was a Jewish physician born in the Kingdom of Poland, and educated in Odessa on the north of the Black Sea, he encountered the Odessa Pogroms in 1881 CE. Pinsker became active in the Hibbat Zion, a Zionist organization founded in 1881 CE, in response to these pogroms. He was the founder and leader of the Hovevei Zion, also known as Hibbat Zion (Hebrew: חיבת ציון; Lovers of Zion) movement.
* "Leon Pinsker in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_Pinsker

It is said that the Jewish population as of 1929 CE is as follows, while it might have included descendants of converts to Judaism.
The total Jewish population as of 1929 CE is said to be 15,460,000. (The world population as of 1929 CE is said to be 2,000,000,000.)
The populations by region were as follows.
The Jewish population in Europe was 10,900,000.
The Jewish population in Asia was 570,000.
The Jewish population in Africa was 390,000.
The Jewish population in America was 3,570,000.
The Jewish population in Australia was 19,000.

The Jewish populations by country were as follows.
Poland 3,720,000 (including Warsaw's 300,000).
The USA 3,300,000 (including New York's 1,500,000).
The USSR 2,970,000 (including Moscow's 300,000).
Rumania 950,000 (including Bucharest's 42,000).
Germany 540,000 (including Berlin's 142,000).
Hungary 500,000 (including Budapest's 200,000).
Austria 380,000.
England 300,000.
Turkey 160,000.
France 150,000.
The Netherlands 106,000.
Italy 57,000.
The Jewish population in Central-Eastern Europe was considerably numerous including the preceding migrants to the USA from Central-Eastern Europe.

Stalin's 2nd wife Alliluyeva died in 1932 CE.
Migration from Central-Eastern Europe and so on to the USA resumed in 1933 CE including Albert Einstein due to rise of Nazi.
Facing the assassination of Kirov, Stalin held hegemony as of 1934 CE and persecuted the Jewish power taking precautions against assassinations.
* "Sergey Kirov in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergey_Kirov

The Jewish population in Poland as of 1939 CE (supposedly mostly "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe") is said to be 3,300,000. 3,000,000 of the 3,300,000 are said to have been executed the Holocaust.
The Jewish population in the USSR as of 1939 CE (supposedly mostly "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe") is said to be 3,000,000. 1,300,000 of the 3,000,000 are said to have been executed the Holocaust.
(Although Hitler's true assignment was to fight the USSR securing the collected Jewish population (mostly "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe") claiming their migration to the east.)
* "The Holocaust in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust#Victims_and_death_toll
The Jewish population in the USA including above various categories amounted to 4,800,000 as of 1940 CE.

On the other hand, Rosa Kaganovich could be the 3rd secret wife of Stalin around 1945 CE. Then Stalin could be assassinated by her brother Lazar Kaganovich and his cousin Lavrentiy Beria in 1953 CE. ("Kaganovich" means "son of emperor (of Khazaria or Gokturk)," since Khagan means "emperor (of Khazaria or Gokturk).") However, Georgy Zhukov made a prompt counterattack against Beria and defeated the Jewish power.
* "Lavrentiy Beria in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrentiy_Beria
The Russian power was succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971 CE), Leonid Brezhnev (1906 - 1982 CE), Yuri Andropov (1914 - 1984 CE), and Konstantin Chernenko (1911 - 1985 CE).
Migrants from the USSR and Russia to Israel after WWII are numerous as well. For instance, migrants to Israel during 1948 - 1957 CE were 900,000.
Then Mikhail Gorbachev was elected General Secretary 1985 CE and collapsed the USSR. Russian alcoholic Boris Yeltsin's Jewish wife Naina, daughter Tatyana, and their Jewish colleagues including Jeffery Sachs raised the Jewish power in Russia.
* "Naina Yeltsina in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naina_Yeltsina
* "Tatyana Yumasheva in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatyana_Yumasheva
There were 1,450,000 Jewish population (possibly mostly "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe") in the USSR as of 1989 CE. Migrants to Israel during 1990 - 1999 CE were 950,000. Some 40% of migrants to Israel were from the USSR and Russia. From Argentina and Ethiopia folllow.
Eventually, the Russian alcoholic noticed the Jewish context and allied with Vladimir Putin in 1999 CE. Vladimir Putin, who is a grandson of Stalin's cook and familiar with the context through the KGB, recovered the Russian power.

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