Disclaimer: This is Untrue. Atomic Bombing and Elohim's Bases Elohim's Base at No-gai-ga-hara Mountain in Hiroshima

According to Rael, Elohim's bases were commonly created on high mountains and at bottoms of the sea. According to Rael, they located for example, in present-day (as of 2015 CE) Israel, Santorini Island (Greek), the Kunlun Mountains (on the north of Tibet), present-day No-gai-ga-hara-yama on the southwest of Hiroshima City, and the Peruvian Andes.

As mentioned before, the "abomination of desolation standing in the holy place" should be interpreted as "atomic bomb on Hiroshima." The reason why Hiroshima is the holy place is associated with the Elohim's base on the southwest of Hiroshima.
*"'Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (whoever reads, let him understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains'" (Mat 24:15-16).
(The reference to Judea might be added by Yahweh to cover the true meaning.)
Investigation of the "holy place" is significant for accurate understanding.

Hiroshima-shi (Hiro-shima-shi) (広島市; literally: broad island city; Hiroshima City) is a Japanese city located in the west of Japan. The atomic bomb (Uranium-type), Little Boy, exploded at an altitude of some 600 m over the ground zero at 08:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945 CE (according to Japanese Standard Time). (23:15 on August 5 of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)) (Japan Standard Time is UTC+09:00.) The location of the ground zero is identified as Shima Hospital (島病院; literally: "Island Hospital"), present-day ootemachi 1-5-25, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan. (島; Shima in this case is merely the surname of the owner of this hospital.) The alleged official aiming point was the (T-shaped) Aioi Bridge, a division point of the Oota River, some 240 m to the northwest of Shima Hospital. Since it was distinctively T-shaped, it was allegedly suitable for the aiming point. The prominent relic is the Atomic Bomb Dome still remains beside the Aioi Bridge.
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*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

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No-gai-ga-hara-yama (野貝原山; literally: "field shell's prairie mountain") is a mountain on the opposite side of Itsuku-shima (厳島; literally: "stern island") (also known as "Miya-jima"; 宮島; literally: "palace island"). They are located in Hatsu-ka-ichi-shi (廿日市), some 20 km to the southwest of Hiro-shima-shi.
* "Itsukushima in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itsukushima
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The prominent one around there would be the Itsuku-shima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its Torii Gate in shallow water. The Shrine is dedicated to 3 daughters (Goddesses) of Amaterasu and Susanoo. The primary Goddess is Ichi-ki-shima-hi-me (市寸島比売). Itsuku-shima would be named after the Goddess. Ichi-ki (斎き) means serving God(s) or Goddess(es). Ichi-ki-shima-hi-me supported Ni-ni-gi, then she was named Ichi-ki.
Itsuku-shima is a small island some 9 km in length and some 4 km in width. The whole island has been considered rather sacred. For example, cultivation has been forbidden. The mountain area of the island would probably be owned by Japanese government. The mountaintop is called "Misen" at an altitude of 535 m. On the other hand, some advocators claim Sumerian scripture like petroglyphs are found at the mountaintop of the island, while the legitimacy is unclear.
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No-gai-ga-hara-yama is a mountain at an altitude of 733 m located some 9km to the north-northwest of Itsuku-shima (Miya-jima) from the northern end of Itsuku-shima. In other words, No-gai-ga-hara-yama is located some 6 km to the northwest from the town areas along the sea marked as "廿日市" in the following website map.
Press the zoom in button (+) of the following website map 4 times and find the mountain surrounded by route 30, 292, and 433, where route 294 is heading for.
* "Map of No-gai-ga-hara-yama" http://www.mapion.co.jp/smp/m/34.3437806_132.3153139_8/v=m5:%E9%...
No-gai-ga-hara-yama was called "Nouga-kougen" (のうが高原; literally: Nouga highland; the meaning of Nouga is unknown) around 1970 CE. A local developer created a leisure facilities including an amusement park and a hotel in the mountaintop area of No-gai-ga-hara-yama around 1970 CE. The leisure facilities were named Nouga-kougen. However, it went bankrupt and abandoned buildings remain in the mountaintop area as of 2011CE. Yet the land is said to be owned by a developer. On the other hand, some strange rocks around No-gai-ga-hara-yama are reported.
Some amateurs in ruins and mountains report No-gai-ga-hara-yama.
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(Indications of "差押物件" in the video means "distrained goods.")
* "YouTube Memories of Nouga-kougen around 1985 CE" http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=bguP6Ox89tU
The site around the ruined hotel might be the former Elohim's base.
However, it might be forbidden to approach as of 2012 CE.

Another thing around there could be executions of the Society of Jesus' believers on a dry riverbed near Koi (己斐), the western riverside of the Oota River to the west-northwest of the ground zero, around 1620 CE. As mentioned below, the Society of Jesus started missionary work in Japan in 1549 CE, Matheus de Couros of the Society of Jesus established a church in Hiroshima in 1604 CE, started his missionary work in Hiroshima, but Christianity was forbidden by the Tokugawa Shogunate, the believers were executed.
"Koi" means "carp" in Japanese. The place name Koi is derived from Empress Jingu's expedition in Japanese myth Kojiki. According to the myth, Empress Jingu stayed there on her expedition to the west, the regional governor offered her some carp. Then the place was named "Koi."
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In addition by the way, a Raelian's website may claim a spherical black stone with Elohim's mark was found at No-gai-ga-hara-yama. However, it would be forbidden to approach the claimed location of the stone as of 2012 CE, the origin and legitimacy of the stone are unclear.
* "Spherical Black Stone at No-gai-ga-hara-yama" http://www.maitreya.co.kr/jap/maitreya/images/infinity3.jpg

Considering Elohim's story, Jerusalem and Hiroshima (the city and its environs) would be the 2 major holy places. As mentioned before, the holiness of Jerusalem could be authorized by Eden. Hiroshima-shi (Hiroshima City) would be the nearest flats from No-gai-ga-hara-yama suitable for executing the prophesied mass killing. (Since No-gai-ga-hara-yama is rather a deserted mountain, it is not suitable for mass killing.) The origin of Hiroshima's holiness is unclear aside from Nogai-ga-hara-yama, while it could be associated with Okinawa and the first hybrid baby mentioned below. Elohim's 1st Landing Point in Okinawa and the 1st Hybrid Baby

Regardless of Hiroshima's significance, Rael rather persists with Okinawa (a southwestern small island distant from the 4 main islands) than Hiroshima and Ainu's Hokkaido. For instance, Rael frequently stays in Okinawa and particularly founded the Okinawa Raelian Movement. According to Rael, Okinawa was the place where Elohim first landed on the Earth.
According to the major Amamikiyo's legend of Okinawan myth (Ryukyuan Shinto) among some versions, the Lord of Gods' kingdom dispatched Devi "Amamikiyo (アマミキヨ)" (also called "Amamiku": 阿摩美久) to the under world (this world). The kingdom was "Nirai Kanai." The world dispatched to at that time was mostly covered with ocean and some lands. Amamikiyo first landed at Kabehru Cape, the northern end of an isolated extremely small island, Kudaka-jima (久高島) Island (area: 1.38 km2) (present-day Nanjo city) located 5 km to the east of Cape Chinen Nanjo city, Okinawa. Then the Devi moved to Yaharadukasa in Hyakuna (百名) beach Nanjo, Okinawa Island, present-day located to the west (a little bit to the west-southwest) of Kudaka. Amamikiyo moved to Mintongusuku (Minton (明東: ミントン) castle) and stayed there.
The Lord gave Amamikiyo soil, stones, and plants. "Amamikiyo" arranged the lands, but there were no human. "Amamikiyo" requested humans of the Lord, 2 children (an elder brother and his younger sister) came and created humans. The 1st created humans were 3 men and 2 women.
*Minton (明東) means "bright east." It is said that Minton family corresponds to present-day Chinen (知念) family owning the Minton area. Chinen Rina could be a representative person of the Chinen family.

Rael stated in October 2011 CE that as Okinawan myth tells, Elohim landed on the Earth first on Kudaka and Hyakuna Nanjo city Okinawa, Japan. Particularly, the first Eloha was a female scientist.
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On the other hand, as mentioned before, Rael also said that Japanese people descend from a female extraterrestrial (Eloha) as a Japanese old narrative implies. It is interpreted as Goddess Amaterasu in Kojiki. (Amamikiyo is merely a lesser-known Okinawan local narrative.)
Then they would be interpreted that Amaterasu is identical with Amamikiyo and the female scientist, she and her colleagues first landed on the Earth on Kudaka, she conceived a child of a created man on the Earth, gave birth to the first hybrid baby, the baby became an origin of Japanese population.

The birthplace of the first hybrid baby could be No-gai-ga-hara-yama or around later Shima Hospital in Hiroshima-shi. Considering Nagasaki's accuracy aiming at the Roman Catholic Church mentioned below, around later Shima Hospital could be the birthplace of the first hybrid baby.
This could be the origin of Japan's significance before Jomon people and Yayoi people.
In addition as mentioned before, Jomon people and Yayoi people migrated to the land, and possibly created the mixed race of the female scientist, Yahweh and created humans. Nagasaki's Related Matters

By the way, subsequently to Hiroshima, the other atomic bomb (plutonium type) was dropped on Nagasaki (長崎), the western end of Japanese main islands, on August 9, 1945 CE. Nagasaki's significance related to the atomic bomb could be attributed to the Society of Jesus, which is in reality opposing Roman Catholic as mentioned later. Some topics about Nagasaki possibly related to the atomic bomb would be picked out as follows.

Nagasaki was a small village. Nagasaki started growing since Portuguese trade ships started calling at Nagasaki after 1543 CE. Portuguese products such as tobacco, bread, firearms (matchlock type), and Christianity were imported in Japan through Nagasaki. Since Japan was in the Warring state period (Sengoku Period) at that time, the firearms were well employed.
A seeming Spanish Roman Catholic missionary, Jesuit Francis Xavier in reality opposing Roman Catholic, visited Japan in 1549 CE, started his missionary work mostly in Hirado (平戸) to the north-northwest of Nagasaki in 1550 CE. Then seeming Christians were raised by the Society of Jesus around Nagasaki.
However, the ruler at the time, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, forbade Christianity, 26 believers were executed as 26 Martyrs in 1597 CE in Nagasaki.
* "Francis Xavier in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Xavier
* "Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-six_Martyrs_of_Japan
Tokugawa clan at that time was a minor clan in the Warring state period. Tokugawa Ieyasu in early years was distressed by the conflicts. For example, Ieyasu had to kill his wife and son to demonstrate his loyalty to his boss at that time. Subsequently, Tokugawa Ieyasu unified Japan in 1603 CE and established the Tokugawa Shogunate feudal regime.
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Aside from that, according to Tokugawa's history book "徳川実紀" (Tokugawa's Real Records), a small weird living thing called "肉人" (flesh human) purportedly appeared at Ieyasu's castle in the morning on April 4, 1609 CE. It was with a height of a child, swollen and smooth. It had disheveled hair, had no finger, wore in rags, and stood pointing the sky with his arm. It was expelled. (Another source doesn't refer to hair and rags.)
Subsequently in the afternoon on the day, a long bright cloud spread from the east to the west in the sky apeared around 2 p.m. through 4 p.m.
* "Tokugawa Flesh Human" http://hachi-style.img.jugem.jp/20110512_1869140.jpg

Since Tokugawa noted that import of firearms would cause civil war, Tokugawa restricted firearms, foreign trade, emigration and immigration. The only trading port was Nagasaki.
On the other hand, Tokugawa suppressed Christianity.
Subsequently, Amakusa Shiro's Shimabara (島原) Rebellion arose in Nagasaki area mostly in Shimabara and Amakusa (天草) in 1638 CE. Amakusa Shiro (天草四郎) was a vharismatic Catholic teenage boy with miraculous powers. Amakusa Shiro is said to have cured a blind girl touching her and walked on the sea. Amakusa Shiro is said to have led the Catholic rebellion at Amakusa in Nagasaki against Tokugawa. The rebellion was promptly suppressed by Tokugawa, but his fate was unknown. Some seeming Christians secretly survived around Nagasaki.
* "Amakusa Shiro in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amakusa_Shir%C5%8D

Consequently, as Tokugawa took precautions, Tokugawa was later collapsed in 1867 CE by firearms smuggled through Nagasaki. Specifically, firearms were smuggled by Jardine Matheson's Scottish, Thomas Glover. Then Nagasaki might represent destruction through weapons.

*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

*Attribution: © OpenStreetMap contributors

* "Thomas Blake Glover in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Blake_Glover

After Tokugawa's collapse, seeming Christianity revived, Oura (大浦) wooden Church was constructed adjacent to Glover's Residence in 1864 CE in Nagasaki by the master carpenter who constructed Glover's Residence near the place where the 26 Martyrs were executed.
After a while, over 10 Japanese hidden Christians from Urakami village (later ground zero) visited Oura Church in 1865 CE, declared their belief that survived since 1597 CE under the prohibition. It was reported to Europe.
Oura wooden Church was reconstructed as Oura Gothic Church near the place in 1879 CE.
Meanwhile, being informed of the survived hidden Christians in Urakami, larger Roman Catholic Urakami (浦上) St. Mary's Neo-Romanesque Cathedral started to be constructed in 1895 CE in Urakami, Nagasaki, and it was completed in 1925 CE.
Then the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped on Urakami St. Mary's Neo-Romanesque Cathedral. According to David Dionisi, the aiming of Urakami Cathedral was mostly executed by Masonic secret society the Brotherhood of Death because of its hostility to Roman Catholic intending to annihilate Roman Catholic Churches.
In this case, August 9 could be the date commemorating Tisha B'Av, particularly the destruction of the Second Temple by the Roman army during the Seige of Jerusalem in 70 CE, when Jewish people were burnt by the Roman army.
* "Tisha B'Av in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tisha_B%27Av
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Urakami Cathedral after the Bombing
*Attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:UrakamiTenshudoJan1946.jpg
* "Urakami Cathedral in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urakami_Cathedral
* "Oura Church in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%8Cura_Church

On the other hand, it should be noted that (according to Rael) Yahweh told Rael as follows in "The Book Which Tell the Truth" similarly criticizing Churches.

"'The eyes of them that see shall not be dim and the ears of them that hear shall hearken diligently... the fool shall no more be called prince; neither shall the deceitful be called great... For the fool will speak foolish things, and his heart will work iniquity, to practice hypocrisy, and speak of Yahweh deceitfully, and to make empty the soul of the hungry, and take away drink from the thirsty... The villain's ways are villainous, and he devises infamous plans to ruin the poor with his lies, and deny justice to the needy. But the man of noble mind forms noble designs and stands firm in his nobility' (Isa 32: 3-8).
Everyone in this case will understand the words: 'the eyes of them that see shall not be dim.' It is the Church who speaks of Yahweh deceitfully, and leave empty the souls of those who are hungry for the truth.
It is the Church, which devises infamous plans to ruin the poor so that those who are unable to understand, or who dare not understand, will remain faithful to it through the fear of sin, excommunication or other such nonsensical things. While the poor try to plead their case, those who lack the intelligence to seize the truth stand up for the lies of the Church at the Church's bidding. But those of noble mind, those who loudly proclaim the truth, they perform noble acts even though they may live whithout the approval of the organized Church.
'Do you not know, have you not heard, were you not told long ago, have you not perceived ever since the world began? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth?' (Isa 40:21).
'Here is my servant, whom I uphoId, my chosen one in whom I delight; I have bestowed my spirit upon him, and he will make justice shine on the nations' (Isa 42:1).
You are the one who will spread the truth throughout the world, this truth which has been revealed to you over the past few days.
'He will not break a bruised reed or snuff out a smoldering wick' (Isa 42:3).
You will not be able to destroy the Church and its lies completely, but eventually it will fade out by itself. This extinction has been going on for sometime. The 'wick' is weakening. It has accomplished its mission, and it is time for it to disappear. It has made mistakes and has enriched itself at the expense of the truth, without trying to interpret it in a clear enough way for people of this era. But do not be too hard on it, for it has spread throughout the world the word of the Bible, which is a witness to the truth.
Its mistakes have been great, particulary when it injected too much of the supernatural into the truth, and wrongly translated the scriptures in ordinary Bibles. It replaced the term 'Elohim' which refers to the creators, with a singular term 'God,' whereas in fact Elohim in Hebrew is the plural of Eloha.
In this way the Church transformed the creators into a single incomprehensible God. Anothermistake was to make people adore a wooden cross in memory of Jesus Christ. Across is not the Christ. A piece of wood in the shape of a cross means nothing:"

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