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2.4.8 After the War and the Rockefellers Overview

The Rothschilds focused on raising Israel and confronting Russia after the war.
The Rockefellers pretended a faithful cooperator. However, the real intention of the Rockefellers was plotting to overthrow the Rothschilds taking advantage of the Rothschilds' credulity, making fun of the Rothschilds' tactics.
The Rockefellers' overthrowing plot consists of some elements.
(1) Secret Alliance with ETs (mostly Greys or J-Rods) and Nazi scientists for military technology
(2) Secret Acquisition of Nuclear Weapons through Nuclear Power Plants allied with the Yi clan of the former Joseon of Korea
(3) Political Maneuver all over the World to gain Political Power and Secret Fund to support them
  (the Secret Fund was named Black Eagle Trust Fund) Details Background

>>>>>>>>>>>> Review of the War Total Death

The total death of World War II was some 50-70 million. Details by nation (total death/ total population as of 1939 CE = proportion %) are
the USSR 23 million / 170 million = 14%
China 12 million / 520 million = 2.3%
Germany 5 million / 70 million = 7.1%
Japan 3 million / 70 million = 4.3%
Poland 1-7 million / 35 million = 2.9-20% Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals (November 1945 - October 1946 CE)

The Nuremberg Trials would be categorized into 2 kinds. The former was the Nuremberg Trial of the Major War Criminals (November 1945 - October 1946 CE).
12 defendants were consequently sentenced to death.
* "Nuremberg Trials in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Trials
>>>>>>>>>>>> Golden Lily Discovery and Black Eagle Trust Fund around November 1945 CE Pillage

High officers of the Allied Powers suspected a vast sum of treasures (amounting to 100,000,000,000 USD (100 billion USD)) pillaged by the Imperial Japanese Army from the banks of European countries in their Southeast Asian colonies. (European gold and treasures would have been transported to the banks of their Southeast Asian colonies to evade Nazi's pillage. Vatican's gold and treasures might have been included.) (Some theories such as Seagrave's "The Marcos Dynasty" claim that agents or gangsters of Japan such as Sasakawa Ryoichi and Kodama Yoshio pillaged from East Asian or Southeast Asian native people. However, pillaging native people wouldn't yield such amount. Most of the gold and treasures would have been stored in the banks of European countries in their Southeast Asian colonies.) Seagrave's Claim

The revised version of Seagrave's "The Marcos Dynasty" (released in 1988 CE) would be Seagrave's sensible nonfictional masterpiece "Gold Warriors" (released in 2003 CE). According to Seagrave and Balmores mostly from "Gold Warriors," Benjamin Balmores was a young Filipino farmer living in Bayombong, about 60 km to the east of La Union, in a sense the center of Luzon Island. He was 17 years old when he encountered Prince Takeda and his army in Bayombong in January 1943 CE. He was obedient, loved by Prince Takeda, and employed as the valet of Prince Takeda until June 1945 CE. Prince Takeda was a cousin of Emperor Hirohito. Prince Takeda was the son of a daughter of Meiji Emperor. Prince Takeda's army consisted of over 1,000 personnel. His army mostly stationed around San Fernando in La Union, central western coastlands of Luzon Island. Prince Takeda frequently made a trip around East Asia and Southeast Asia, while he was responsible for concealing gold in the Philippines except for around Manila. (Prince Takeda's code name was "Kimsu.") On the other hand, Prince Chichibu (the second son of Taisho Emperor (the first son of Meiji Emperor), a brother of Emperor Hirohito) was responsible for concealing gold around Manila, while Prince Chichibu frequently made a trip around East Asia and Southeast Asia. (Prince Chichibu's code name was "Chako.") Prince Chichibu and Prince Takeda were ordered to conceal the gold by Emperor Hirohito (Showa Emperor). Aside from that, Prince Mikasa (the fourth son of Taisho Emperor) was responsible for the concealing in the early time and later frequently visited Prince Takeda in the Philippines. Then, Prince Mikasa (Hirohito's brother) could have been directly ordered by Emperor Hirohito and entrusted it to Prince Takeda (Hirohito's cousin), to be precise.
Prince Takeda was merciful, but quite strict to carry out his mission. It is said that the gold in the Philippines was concealed in 172 sites consisting of 138 land locations and 34 water locations (or 175 sites in total) all over the Philippines with booby traps like poison. The maps of the sites were precisely created by the army. Captured personnel of the Allied Powers and Filipino might have been enslaved to conceal the gold. For example, after carrying the gold like into a cave, the slaves were buried in the cave to keep the secret location of the site. Balmores stated that Prince Takeda was unwilling to do that and Prince Takeda said that it was ordered by Emperor Hirohito and Prince Takeda had to follow the order.
Prince Takeda, his army, and Balmores visited throughout in the Philippines including Mindanao Island and Lubang Island. Balmores stated that when he visited a northern small island, he saw a German ship unloading heavy boxes. (It could be Uranium to develop atomic bombs in Japan.)
(The (partly alleged) pillaging and concealing operation was called "Golden Lily" after Japanese Emperor's verse.)
Douglas MacArthur's US Armed Forces approached the Philippines from the south. General Yamashita was dispatched from Manchuria to the Philippines in October 1944 CE to resist MacArthur's advance. The concealing operation completed in June 1945 CE. Prior to the closing of the last cache (disguising a farewell party in the last underground tunnel complexes including deceived 175 Japanese personnel (engineers) who learned the secret) near San Fernando with slaves, General Yamashita directed Balmores to stay in the cache (and die buried alive with slaves and deceived Japanese personnel), but Prince Takeda denied it and Balmores was saved from death. The underground cache was exploded in the middle of the night and the deceived Japanese engineers and slaves were buried alive. Then the last underground cache was closed in June 1945 CE.
Balmores received the reward and some maps of the gold, returned his home in Bayombong, and parted from Prince Takeda in June 1945 CE. Prince Takeda returned to Japan.

The Empire of Japan surrendered to the Allied Powers in August 1945 CE. MacArthur and his subordinate Charles Willoughby arrived in Japan in August 1945 CE to govern Japan. General Yamashita, his driver Kojima, and Yamashita's soldiers left in the northern part of Luzon presented themselves to the US Armed Forces presenting a certain amount of gold supposedly expecting the forgiveness in September 1945 CE.
Then the unidentifiable Filipino-American allegedly OSS operative Santa Romana, otherwise Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, appeared and started torturing driver Koiima for gold's confession.
It is said that Santa Romana was born in Luzon Island in 1907 CE. He once moved to California, got married, returned to the Philippines, but his wife died during World War II.
Curiously enough, Santa Romana was the only man who firmly sticked to gold search. (Santa Romana acted rather independent of the personnel of the OSS. The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was created by the pro-Rothschild president Roosevelt dissolved in September 1945 CE and the CIA was founded replacing the OSS in September 1947 CE. The OSS was founded by the pro-Rothschild president Roosevelt in June 1942 CE supported by the Rothschilds' MI6. Then the OSS was dissolved by the pro-Rockefeller president Truman in September 1945 CE and the Rothschilds' intelligence in the USA was weakened. Then, if Santa Romana is pro-Rockefeller agent, it is natural that Santa Romana avoided the Rothschilds' OSS.)
Santa Romana obtained Kojima's confession in October 1945 CE, Santa Romana discovered a part of the gold and treasures at some sites in the northern area of Luzon Island in November 1945 CE. It was reported to MacArthur and Willoughby in Japan, MacArthur temporarily returned to the Philippines and saw Yamashita's gold at northern sites of Luzon Island. General Yamashita was executed in February 1946 CE.

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* "Office of Strategic Service in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Strategic_Services Ex-Japanese Soldiers' Leakage

A source purportedly based on ex-Japanese soldiers' leakages tells that the survived Japanese soldiers associated with Yamashita's gold over 1,000 were closely watched by the USA after the war. Subsequently, MacArthur and Yoshida Shigeru created the preliminary new Japanese army "National Police Reserve" (in 1950 CE). Then the ex-Japanese soldiers associated with Yamashita's gold were incorporated into the National Police Reserve. They were closely watched by the CIA over 50 years and clues for remaining Yamashita's gold were extracted from them. The monitor by the CIA might have become loose after 60 years and some leakages were obtained.
According to the purported source, some units of the Imperial Japanese Army (not Navy) found gold and treasures in banks in East Asia and Southeast Asia as of 1944 CE mostly from Europe like in French Indochina (corresponding to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos as of 2014 CE). The bullion had European carved seals. According to the source, Operation Golden Lily was the operation secretly securing the discovered gold and treasures, to be precise or in a narrow sense. A member of the Japanese Imperial Family (supposedly Emperor's cousin Prince Takeda Tsuneyoshi, son of a daughter of Meiji Emperor) was associated with the operation.
The Empire of Japan held some metalworking factories of a company in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and the European carved seals were worked into Japanese carved seals. (The company would be Mitsubishi Mining Industry Corp.) Some gold and treasures were tranported to Japan. However, since transportation to Japan became tough, the remained worked bullion and treasures were gathered once in Singapore and then tranported to the Philippines. They were mostly unloaded on La Union and Manila of Luzon Island, and Mindoro Island to the south of Manila. The gold and treasures were mostly hidden in limestone caves, since gold naturally sinks in limestone. Black Eagle Trust Fund

A part of Yamashita's gold and treasures in the Philippines was discovered in November 1945 CE. The gold and treasures were reported to President Truman and Henry Stimson, while Stimson formally retired in September 1945 CE. They were recovered, but decided to be kept secret, secretly administrated by John McCloy. John McCloy was the Assistant Secretary of War under Henry Stimson. John McCloy's mother was a hairdresser in Philadelphia with many high-society clients such as the Rockefellers. Because John Mcloy was close to the Rockefellers, the Rockefellers obtained them. Then Yamashita's gold and treasures were secretly incorporated into "Black Eagle Trust Fund" and Black Eagle Trust Fund became secret. It could be said that the gold amounted to 280,000 ton. (Black Eagle Trust Fund gatherting WWII loots was first publicly suggested in July 1944 CE, to be precise though.)
Subsequently, Black Eagle Trust Fund was distributed into 172 bank accounts over 42 countries by the end of 1947 CE and started to secretly support the Rockefellers' political maneuver all over the world.
One of the largest bank account was "M-Fund" (or "M Fund"). (M was possibly named after General William Frederic Marquat, Head of the Economics and Science Section General Headquarters for the Supreme Allied Powers, one of General MacArthur's most trusted military insiders.) M-Fund was seemingly for raising Japan to resist Communism. However, in reality it was for the Rockefellers' political maneuver in Japan.
Other than that, it is said that the Rockefellers' political maneuver based on Black Eagle Trust Fund took place in Italy and Greece.
Thus, Black Eagle Trust Fund encouraged the Rockefellers' ambition.
* "John J. Mcloy in Wikipedia" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_J._McCloy

>>>>>>>>>>>> Holocaust

1,300,000 of the 3,000,000 are said to have been executed the Holocaust.
(Although Hitler's true assignment was to fight the USSR securing the collected Jewish population (mostly "Claimed Descendants through Central-Eastern Europe") claiming their migration to the east.)
* "The Holocaust in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust#Victims_and_death_toll
The Jewish population in the USA including above various categories amounted to 4,800,000 as of 1940 CE.

The story of Holocaust seems arose taking advantage of the testimony of Rudorf Hoess, the ex-commandant of Auschwitz, in the Nuremberg Trials in April 1946 CE. (not to be confused with Rudorf Hess.)
* "Rudorf Hoess in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_H%C3%B6ss
According to the story, Nazi Germany planned the Final Solution around 1941 CE.
Concentration camps and extermination camps to confine Jewish people were built in Germany and Poland. Then a large number of Jewish people were confined, killed, around 1942 CE, the millions of corpses were burnt, ash and bones less remained.
The largest camp was Auschwitz in Poland. Auschwitz camp consists of Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II-Birkenau, Auschwitz III-Monowitz, and others. Representatively in Auschwitz II-Birkenau, some 2-3 million Jewish people were led to the gas chamber and killed with pesticide for crops, Zyklon B.
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>>>>>>>>>>>> Yoshida's Installation for Cover-Up in Japan

Yoshida Shigeru was an agent of the Rothschilds to cover up the alliance between the Empire of Japan and the USA about World War II. Yoshida Shigeru became Prime Minister in May 1946 CE, until December 1954 CE.

Yahweh made Greys approach the Rockefellers disguising UFO crash.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Roswell Incident in 1947 CE

The most prominent case of the beginning of the traditional UFO story would be "the Roswell Incident" at Roswell, southeastern area of New Mexico, in July 1947 CE.
It is said that there were 2 crashed spacecrafts or 2 debris in "Foster ranch" and "Socorro site" (southern area of New Mexico) respectively. ETs (some 6 corpses and 1 alive) were transported to Los Alamos National Laboratory (northern site of New Mexico) to freeze. Spacecrafts/debris were transported to Edwards Air Force Base in California or Wright Field, Ohio. A live ET at Los Alamos was called "EBE 1" (or "Ebe #1"). He died in 1952 CE.
*EBE stands for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity."
>>>>>>>>>>>> Invention of Electronic Computer in 1946 CE

ENIAC, an electronic computer using electronic circuits, was invented at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States in 1946 CE.
With the invention of electronic computers, human intelligence would be further expanded approximately 1000 times.

* "ENIAC in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENIAC Beginning of the Treachery

As mentioned before, the Rockefellers were merely an agent of the Rothschilds in the USA, who were raised along with Standard Oil, which was started by John D. Rockefeller since 1870 CE. William Avery Rockefeller Jr. (1841 - 1922 CE), younger brother of John D. Rockefeller, joined the National City Bank (present-day Citigroup) in 1910 CE imitating the Rothschilds' banking business based on the oil industry of his brother.
* "William Rockefeller in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Rockefeller
Based on the oil industry, the Rockefellers also started Chase National Bank since 1930 CE.
* "Standard Oil in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Oil

The Rockefellers plotted to overthrow the Rothschilds someday through raising armaments and intelligence. Then the Rockefellers needed their new own intelligence organization, since traditional organizations such as the FBI (founded in 1908 CE) and the Office of Naval Intelligence (founded in 1882 CE) were governed by the Rothschilds.
* "Federal Bureau of Investigation in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Bureau_of_Investigation
* "Office of Naval Intelligence in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Naval_Intelligence
The Rockefellers also plotted raising armaments and expanding military bases to dominate the world someday. The Rockefellers were mostly associated with air power such as Lockheed. Since traditional Navy was governed by the Rothschilds, Air Force was a preferable new field for the Rockefellers. Full Scale Start of Operation Paperclip in September 1946 CE

At the end of WWII, the USA noted Nazi's outstanding science, started to consider recruiting Nazi scientists. The Rockefellers' ambition was encouraged by Black Eagle Trust Fund, the Rockefellers paid attention to Nazi science. Then President Truman approved Operation Paperclip recruiting Nazi scientists in September 1946 CE.
The Rockefellers started to recruit them (possibly in Antarctica) on the pretext of competing with communism. It lasted until 1959 CE.
* "Operation Paperclip in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip

>>>>>>>>>>>> The Rockefellers, CIA, and MJ-12

The Rockefellers had been the mastermind in the USA. The Rockefellers organized the CIA, MJ-12, Project Sign to cope with this problem. The CIA is virtually an organization for practice (including intelligence) contribute to the Rockefellers. MJ-12 was merely an advisory committee mostly consisting of experts including scientists. Project Sign is the name of studies on UFOs and ETs mostly managed through the US Air Force, closely involving the Rockefellers through arms industry such as Lockheed and Boeing. Project Sign, a series of studies, was succeeded by Project Grudge, Project Blue Book, and Project Aquarius, while they are all similar. Aztec UFO Crash in 1948 CE

"Aztec UFO Crash" occurred at Aztec, northwestern area of New Mexico, on Mar 25, 1948 CE.
* "Behind the Flying Saucers" http://www.ufocasebook.com/Aztec.html
* "Aztec UFO Crash" http://www.aztecufo.com/crash.htm

The saucer was 100 feet (30 meters) in daimeter and 30 feet (9.1 meters) high. 14 or 16 charred dead extraterrestrials like mongoloid oriental human beings were found. The bodies and dismantled spacecraft were transported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Wright Field, Ohio). Height of the ETs was roughly 40 inches (1.0 m) or 4 feet (1.2 m). The average weight was roughly 40 pounds (18.1 kg). Some bodies were dissected later and purportedly similar to human beings. The facial features resembled "mongoloid Orientals" in appearance.
However, there were some differences as follows. Disportionately large heads. Large "slant" eyes, Small noses and mouths. Very small and thin torsos. Very thin necks. Long and slender arms reaching the knees. Hands containing long and slender fingers with webbing between them. No digestive or gastrointestinal tract. No alimentary or intestinal canal, and no rectal point. No reproductive organs were evident. Colorless liquid with no red cells, which smelled like ozone, instead of blood.
A person concerned claims such information was described in the "Air Force Project Sign (Grudge) Report No. 13," which has never been officially released after all.
* "Grudge Bluebook" http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_grudge_bluebook1.htm
*The extraterrestrials in Aztec UFO Crash seem different from the extraterrestrials in the Roswell Incident (Greys or Greys type A).

*Consecutive UFO crashes particularly in New Mexico were explained due to a poweful radar unit installed there (around the Four Corners area). However, spacecrafts couldn't be affected by mere radars, regardless of later Daniel Burisch's explanation as difficulty of time-travel. UFO crashes were just performances to approach the Rockefellers. Dead and alive crews in the UFOs were in reality intended to crash in advance and they were just controlled experimental beings. White Sands UFO Crash in 1948 CE

Another UFO crashed at White Sands, southern area of New Mexico, in 1948 CE. It is said that an ancient Hebrew bible was recovered from this crash.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Independence of Israel

Sympathized Israel declared Independence in May 1948 CE supported by the Rothschilds.
* "Israel Declaration of Independence in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_Declaration_of_Independence Release of Japanese War Crimes Suspects in 1948 CE

The Rockefellers' hidden intention is clearly seen in Showa-Denko bribery scandals. The Rockefellers plotted to secretly control Japanese society to raise their arms industry power including nuclear weapons and military domination.
The office of Supreme Commander for Allied Powers (SCAP) in Occupied Japan naturally mostly consisted of agents of the Rothschilds. For example, MacArthur was a Freemason.
Charles Louis Kades of Government Section (GS) of the office of SCAP was substantially the central figure of the offices. Kades was a disciple of Brandeis, an eminent Zionist of the USA. Then Kades would be an agent of the Rothschilds.
The Rockefellers at that time was responsible for intelligence (G-2 section) of SCAP in Occupied Japan.
On the other hand, as mentioned before, the Yi clan's dominion over the Korean Peninsula (Joseon dynasty) ended in 1910 CE.
However, the Yi clan had plotted to hide and raise the descendants to avoid the Yi clan's extinction. The emperor of the Yi clan at the time was Sunjong (Hangul: 순종; Hanja: 純宗). The birth name of Sunjong was I Cheok (Hangul: 이척; Hanja: 李坧). Illegitimate sons of Sunjong were born, they were hidden and raised in the Samejima family in a Korean potters's village, Kaseda, Kyusyu, Japan. A son was named Samejima Jun-ya (鮫島 純也) in Japanese after Sunjong's "純; literally: pure" expecting the Yi clan's survival.
Afterward, he married a daughter of the Koizumi Japanese politician family, he became Koizumi Jun-ya. His son was born in 1942 CE and was named Koizumi Jun-ichiro (小泉 純一郎) after Sunjong's "純."
Ex-Crown Prince of (Korean) Joseon dynasty Yi Un had been moved to Japan, married a woman of the Japanese Imperial family Nashimoto Masako.
The first son Yi Jin (Hangul: 이진; Hanja: 李晋) was born in 1921 CE. They took Yi Jin to the Korean Peninsula to meet Sunjong in 1922 CE. As mentioned before, Sunjong plotted to secretly raise the descendant to survive the Yi clan, Yi Un could have been directed to hide Yi Jin and secretly raise him expecting the Yi clan's revival. Subsequently, Yi Jin's accident death in the Korean Peninsula was announced in 1922 CE. However, Yi Jin was secretly adopted into Japanese politician Abe Kan (安倍 寛) in 1924 CE on the pretext of avoiding the assassination like the fabricated accident in 1922 CE. Abe Kan was deceived, adopted Yi Jin as his son, and divorced in 1924 CE. Yi Jin was named Abe Shintaro (安倍 晋太郎) after his original name Jin (晋; literally: advance). On the other hand, Yi Un's residence was built in Japan in 1930 CE.
Yi Un's daughter was similarly hidden and secretly raised. She was named Sakie (早紀江) in Japanese.
Yi Un served in the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII and mostly stayed in Japan after WWII. His Korean colleagues have been near him. The Rockefellers learned the extinction of the Yi clan's (Korean) Joseon dynasty and the intention of reviving their power and allied with Yi Un and his colleagues. A Korean man disguised as a Japanese Fukuda Takeo (福田 赳夫) would be a son of Yi's Korean followers.
Other than that, G-2 section employed Japanese agents such as Yaita Kuroshi (矢板 玄). Yaita had experience of railway construction in Manchuria working for Showa-Denko Co. around 1940 CE. Subsequently, Yaita moved to Shanghai and allied with Kodama Yoshio. Kodama Yoshio was a subordinate of Sasakawa Ryoichi.
Showa-Denko Bribery Scandals (昭和電工事件) arose in Japan in June 1948 CE. Showa-Denko Co. was (is) a Japanese Petrochemical company. (Showa is the name of the era at that time. Denko means electric industry.) It was said that Showa-Denko gave bribes to high officials including Fukuda Takeo. (Fukuda Takeo is a later coworker of Kishi Nobusuke involving foundation of the Yi clan and the Unification Church's faction "Seiwa-Kai (清和会)," which was based at Yi's former residence in Japan, virtually secret Yi's Korean faction disguising themselves as Japanese right winger politicians.) Kades was suspected accepting a bribe and MacArthur obtained the excuse to remove him. Charles Willoughby of the Rockefellers' G-2 became the central figure of SCAP instead. (As mentioned before, Willoughby learned Yamashita's gold and he was a subordinate of MacArthur during the war.)
MacArthur and Yoshida Shigeru would have converted to the Rockefellers because of the gold. According to later Yaita's confession in Shibata Tetsutaka's publication, Showa-Denko Bribery Scandals were mostly plotted by Charles Willoughby and Yoshida Shigeru. Shibata Hiroshi was a colleague of Yaita. Shibata Tetsutaka is Hiroshi's grandson.

Yi's Residence in Japan (later Home Base of Seiwa-kai)
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International Military Tribunal for the Far East (April 1946 - November 1948 CE)
7 defendants were sentenced to death. On the other hand, some suspects of Class A War Criminals were released as agents of the Rockefellers in December 1948 CE.
* "International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ International_Military_Tribunal_for_the_Far_East

The major released Class A War crimes suspects, ex-right wingers, saved from the Rothschilds' execution and converted to the Rockefellers' agents instead were Kishi Nobusuke, Kodama Yoshio, Sasakawa Ryoichi, ex-police bureaucrat Shoriki Matsutaro, and Ogata Taketora. (Kodama and Sasakawa were gangsters and subordinates of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Kishi was a deputy manager of the puppet state Manchukuo in Manchuria (northeast of Mainland China). Kishi's younger borther is Sato Eisaku. Sato's wife Hiroko is Matsuoka Yosuke's daugher. Matsuoka was the vice-president of the South Manchuria Railway company. Thus, Kodama, Sasakawa, and Kishi were associated with Yaita.) They started to create seeming Japanese right winger political powers, in reality dedicating to the Yi clan, the CIA, and the Rockefellers.
* "Nobusuke Kishi in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobusuke_Kishi
* "Yoshio Kodama in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshio_Kodama
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* "Matsutaro Shoriki in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsutar%C5%8D_Sh%C5%8Driki
* "Yosuke Matsuoka in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y%C5%8Dsuke_Matsuoka

Shimoyama Incident
Subsequently, Shimoyama Incident (下山事件) occurred in July 1949 CE. Shimoyama Sadanori, the 1st president of Japanese National Railways, disappeared near Yaita's company Ajia-Sangyo Co. (亜細亜産業) and Shimoyama's dead body was found. In addition, similar 2 mysterious murder incidents involving Japanese National Railways followed. Since Shimoyama was responsible for labor-management negotiation, they seemingly implied murders by socialists.
However, as Seagrave's "Gold Warriors" wisely refers to Shimoyama Incident in relation to the notable assassin Jack Y. Canon, later researchers reached the conclusion that the offenders were G-2 section of SCAP including CIA's Jack Y. Canon. (If Seagrave was not an agent of something, he wouldn't be able to refer to Shimoyama Incident, Jack Y. Canon, and Korean agent Machii Hisayuki.)
According to Yaita's confession, he granted that Shimoyama was killed and communists had nothing to do with Shimoyama Incident.
These strange incidents could be interpreted aiming at rise of seemingly right wingers, the released agents of the Rockefellers. The context of this False Flag Operation is similar to Operation Gladio disguising communists' terrorism since 1969 CE plotted in Europe as mentioned later by the CIA.
* "Shimoyama Incident in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shimoyama_incident
* "CIA and Mafia Jack Y. Canon" http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg29022.html

*If one is based on the traditional ET story as summarized by Salla as mentioned before beginning with the Roswell Incident and evaluating the Greada Treaty in 1954 CE as the 1st contract with ETs, these Rockefellers' plot as of 1948 - 1949 CE wouldn't link to the alliance with ETs. However, if one would accept Casbolt's claims referring to contracts in 1934 CE and 1944 CE expecting ET's technology provision, these Rockefellers' plot could link to the expectation of coming ET's technology. If ET's technology provision to the Rockefellers is promising as of 1948 CE, the overthrow plot is realistic. Foundation of NATO in 1949 CE

NATO was founded in April 1949 CE.
Then the Rockefellers' armies were stationed in Germany.
* "NATO in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO
Changes of major countries' military expenditure are seen in the following website.
* "EHnet Military Spending Patterns" http://eh.net/encyclopedia/article/eloranta.military
In addition, change of military expenditure of the USA is seen in the following website. The Rockefellers had to recover military expenditure of the USA at that time. Confrontation between Russia and the Rothschilds was naturally favorable for the Rockefellers' arms industry expansion.
* "Heritage US Defense Budget" http://www.heritage.org/~/media/Images/Reports/2010/b2418_chart1_1/b2418_chart1_2.ashx
The ratio of the US Armed Forces for overseas would be some 30%. Rise of Mao Zedong in 1949 CE

Mao Zedong (毛泽东; 1893 - 1976 CE) founded the People's Republic of China in in Mainland China in October 1949 CE. The true character of Mao is complex, but he might have allied with the Rockefellers rather than the Rothschilds, since Mao's policy was rather favorable for the Rockefellers.

Mao Zedong
* "Mao Zedong in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mao_Zedong
As mentioned before, the Rothschilds founded the Comintern in 1919 CE. The Comintern sent Grigori Voitinsky to Shanghai in May 1920 CE as an agent for communism. Voitinsky made 8 Chinese communists including Chen Duxiu (1879 - 1942 CE) and Li Dazhao found the Communist Party of China as a study society in Shanghai in 1921 CE.
* "Grigori Voitinsky in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigori_Voitinsky
* "Chen Duxiu in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chen_Duxiu
* "Li Dazhao in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Dazhao
Mao was interested in revolutions in his youth and joined the Communist Party of China. Mao was elected to the Central Committed of the Communist Party of China in 1923 CE.
Moscow Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 1925 CE to raise communism in China.
The 1st Chinese Civil War between the Koumintang and the Communist Party of China broke out in 1927 CE. Mao fought in the Civil War. However, Mao had no career in Moscow. Then Mao's power was reduced by 28 Bolsheviks (Soviet-educated Chinese communists) as of 1933 CE.
* "Chinese Civil War in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Civil_War
* "28 Bolsheviks in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/28_Bolsheviks
Stalin took hegemony as of 1934 CE opposing the Jewish conspiracy of the Bolshevik. Stalin reformed the Comintern, but as mentioned above, students of Moscow Sun Yat-sen University including Deng Xiaoping had alredy returned to China and started the Communist Party of China.
(Consequently, Stalin had to compromise with Jewish high officials including Kaganovich.)
* "Moscow Sun Yat-sen University in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow_Sun_Yat-sen_University
* "Deng Xiaoping in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deng_Xiaoping
Subsequently, the military strategy of 28 Bolsheviks on the Civil War failed and Mao recovered the power as of 1935 CE.
Mao became the 1st Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in June 1945 CE.
Among the Communist Party of China, Wang Ming, who had graduated from Moscow Sun Yat-sen University in Russia, was favorable for the Rothschilds. However, after World War II, Mao won the 2nd Civil War and founded the People's Republic of China supported by the Rockefellers.
Then Mao was rather contrary to the Rothschilds' Bolshevik.
Mao established strict dictatorial surveillance society. In Chinese communism, about 10% of the population are members of the Communist Party. High contribution to the country and the Communist Party is required to become a member of the Communist Party. The Communist Party and the members exclusively govern the country. In addition, job grade system was introduced supported by police organization, whistlebow reporting system, and severe punishment.

Flag of the People's Republic of China
* "China in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China Foundation of Japanese National Police Reserve in 1950 CE

The Rothschilds' agent Charles Louis Kades created the Constitution of Japan prohibiting armed forces. However, since Kades was transferred and MacArthur might have converted to the Rockefellers because of the gold, Yoshida also converted to the Rockefellers, MacArthur and Yoshida Shigeru founded the preliminary armed forces, National Police Reserve in 1950 CE. As mentioned above, ex-Japanese soldiers that associated with Yamashita's gold could be incorporated into NPR and closely watched by the CIA.
* "Japan Self-Defense Forces in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Self-Defense_Forces Korean War during 1950 - 1953 CE

The Korean War was raised during 1950 - 1953 CE. The Korean War was a war between the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). The Republuc of Korea was supported by the USA, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) was supported by the People's Republic of China and the USSR. The Korean War was totally favorable for the Rockefellers' arms industry.
An outline of the Korean War would be as follows. The Empire of Japan dominated the Korean Peninsula since 1910 CE. However, since the Empire of Japan was rather weakened in World War II, the USSR and the USA planned to divide Korea, the northern part for the USSR and the southern part for the USA. However, the situation was unstable even after World War II.
North Korea and South Korea confronted each other along the 38th parallel north. The representative of North Korea was Kim Il-sung. (Kim Il-sung ever was a member of the Communist Party of China, which was driven by the Rothschilds at the time.) The representative of South Korea was Rhee Syngman. (Rhee Syngman returned from his exile in the USA.)
* "Korean War in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_War
* "Kim Il-sung in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Il-sung
* "Syngman Rhee in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syngman_Rhee

When the US Armed Forces (Truman, an agent of the Rockefellers) withdrew from the Korean Peninsula, North Korea started invasion to the south in June 1950 CE supported by Kaganovich's (the Rothschilds') USSR and Mao's (the Rockefellers') Republic of China. North Korea mostly occupied the Korean Peninsula as of September 1950 CE. However, the US Armed Forces and MacArthur counterattacked and mostly occupied the whole Korean Peninsula including the north as of December 1950 CE. However, North Korea forced back to the 38th parallel north as of January 1951 CE. Resources of North Korea were supplied by Mao's Republic of China through Manchuria, the northern area of the Korean Peninsula. Then MacArthur claimed to attack Manchuria to annihilate North Korea. However, annihilation of North Korea had to be avoided and the conflict of the Korean Peninsula had to be continued for the Rockefellers' arms industry and the betrayal conspiracy. Subsequently, MacArthur was dismissed by Truman in April 1951 CE.
(MacArthur might have received good value for the gold and retired.)
Thus the conflict of the Korean Peninsula was intentionally raised and remained for the Rockefellers' arms industry and the betrayal conspiracy, while Kim Il-sung was originally a piece of the Rothschilds' Communist Party of China and he didn't note the Rockefellers behind Mao. (Since Kim Il-sung was the result of the compromise between the Rothschilds' USSR and the Rockefellers' secret agent Mao, Kim Il-sung was not sufficiently favorable for the Rockefellers' betrayal conspiracy.) Diplomats' Promotion and A Korean Religion around 1951 CE

Prime Minister Yoshida elevated Iguchi Sadao to be Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary in January 1951 CE to reward him for the delay of the ultimatum relating to Pearl Harbor attack.

Supported by the Rockefellers' CIA, Yi Un's son could have disguised himself as Abe Shintaro, son of Japanese wifeless politician Abe Kan. (Abe Kan died in 1946 CE.) The disguised Abe Shintaro married Kishi's daughter in 1951 CE.
On the other hand, Moon Sun Myung was a Korean independent movement activist against the Empire of Japan. He was imprisoned by the Empire of Japan around 1943 CE. After his release from the prison, he was inspired in Korea in 1945 CE, he started own Christian instruction in the Korean Peninsula. However, he was arrested and imprisoned by Communist North Korea in 1948 CE. He was released by South Korea during the Korean War, moved to South Korea, again started his own Christian instruction.
* "Shintaro Abe in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shintaro_Abe
* "Sun Myung Moon in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon
* "Biography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon" http://www.reverendsunmyungmoon.org/rev_moon_life.html

Prime Minister Yoshida elevated Okumura Katsuzo to be Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary in 1952 CE to reward him for the delay of the ultimatum relating to Pearl Harbor attack. Masonic Little-Known Goodwill Fund around 1952 CE

A Rothschild planned to establish a fund to raise human society and its humanitarianism. It was mostly provided from Rothschilds' oil businesses possibly such as Royal Dutch Shell, otherwise from Hitler's legacy, while royal families in the world, noble families in the world, and the 13 families of the Illuminati partly provided the resources. Successors of the Chinese Elders (rulers) might have reluctantly agreed to use of the deposited gold.

The contribution (fund) at that time might be about 200,000,000,000 (200 billion) Int$(1990) in real terms as of 1990 CE. It might be said that each country contributed approximately 4% per year to the amount of issued currency in return for currency stability. Other annual profits would be gained.
*The total amount of state-owned assets and private assets in the world as of 2020 CE can be estimated to be approximately 1,000 trillion Int$(1990). (trillion here means ten to the twelve power) (Int$ (1990) is a monetary unit that allows for proper comparative evaluation of economic value based on the purchasing power of currencies, excluding currency value fluctuations, and here US dollar as of 1990 CE is used as the standard. However, for example, quality of a car in 1952 CE and quality of a car in 2020 CE are very different, and Int$ tends to miss the element of improving product quality, and the economic values of products in the past should be rated low.)
*The world's GWP (Gross World Product) as of 2020 CE is 90 trillion Int$ (1990), and the world's total national assets and personal assets can be said to be about 12 years of the past substantial GWP. The world's GWP in 1952 CE was 4.5 trillion Int$ (1990). However, it can be said that the economic value is actually lower than this, so it can be assumed that the substantial GWP in 1952 CE was around 1 trillion Int$ (1990). From this, it can be estimated that the total amount of state-owned assets and private assets in the world in 1952 CE was approximately 10 trillion Int$ (1990).
Based on these estimates, it can be assumed that the fund as of 1952 CE would be around 200 billion (0.2 trillion) Int$(1990).
* "Gross World Product in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_world_product

They composed the organization called "the committee of 300." The fund started to grow gaining annual profits. The annual profit at the time could be like 20 billion (0.02 trillion) Int$(1990).
The fund was kept at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., mostly administered by the Rothschilds and Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Emperor Showa, allied with the members of the committee of 300.
Japanese Emperor Hirohito (1901 - 1989 CE) was virtually given the authority of one third of the fund. His status in the fund might be given with the excuse that Japanese imperial family is one of the oldest royal families in the world and the oldest in large countries. (Japanese imperial family was the oldest royal family second to Ethiopian royal family at the time.) Yet, the real reason might be that the Rothschilds thought that Japanese Emperor could be the prophesied king of Israel, while legitimacy of the Emperors of Japan after 1867 CE is doubtful.
The fund was actually for humanitarian aid, international welfare, and development support. A part of the fund would be basically annually distributed to various countries and organizations. The distribution was virtually grants-in-aid. The basic plan of the distribution would be decided by the Rothschilds and Japanese Emperor Hirohito, Emperor Showa. The distribution would be done by agreement of the members of the committee of 300.
It went basically well for a while until around 1981 CE, while some politicians sneaked a small amount of money. Infrastructure of various countries such as railroad, power plants, and industries was mostly established through the grants-in-aid distribution. Doctors' Plot and Stalin in 1952 CE

On the other hand, Rosa Kaganovich could be the 3rd secret wife of Stalin around 1945 CE.

Stalin had to compromise with the Jewish power spending with Rosa Kaganovich, the sister of Lazar Kaganovich.
* "Lazar Kaganovich in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazar_Kaganovich
On the other hand, Doctors' Plot occurred in 1952 CE. Russian babies in the USSR were killed by Jewish medical doctors and the doctors actually plotted assassination of Soviet leaders, in contrast to the negative propagation in later years.
* "Doctors' Plot in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctors'_plot
Then Stalin plotted to overthrow the Jewish power. However, Stalin's plot was noted by Kaganovich.

Then Stalin could be assassinated by her brother Lazar Kaganovich and his cousin Lavrentiy Beria in 1953 CE. ("Kaganovich" means "son of emperor (of Khazaria or Gokturk)," since Khagan means "emperor (of Khazaria or Gokturk).") However, Georgy Zhukov made a prompt counterattack against Beria and defeated the Jewish power.
* "Lavrentiy Beria in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrentiy_Beria
The Russian power was succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971 CE), Leonid Brezhnev (1906 - 1982 CE), Yuri Andropov (1914 - 1984 CE), and Konstantin Chernenko (1911 - 1985 CE).
Migrants from the USSR and Russia to Israel after WWII are numerous as well. For instance, migrants to Israel during 1948 - 1957 CE were 900,000.
>>>>>>>>>>>> Daughter

Regardless of Zhukov's counterattack against Beria in 1953 CE, Kaganovich survived (supposedly supported by the Jewish power, possibly by the Rockefellers). The remained Jewish power conducted artificial fertilization. Then a girl similar to Franziska Braun (mother of Eva and Gretl Braun) was conceived.

Franziska Braun
*Attribution: Helga (Wagner) Braun, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Franziska_Braun.jpg

Angela Merkel
*Attribution: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Angela_Merkel_(2008).jpg
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel

On the other hand, it is rumored that her aunt gave birth to her brother Friedrich and sister Olga in Argentina.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Villanueva's Encounter in 1953 CE

Villanueva claimed as follows.

Salvador Villanueva, a Mexican taxi driver, was driving in Ciudad Valles, middle eastern area of present-day Mexico in the evening on between 10-21 August 1953 CE (possibly on August 17 or 21). His car broke down and he got under the car to examine it.
Then he heard footsteps and the entity spoke to him in perfect but a little odd accent Spanish "What happened to your car?" Villanueva found a beautiful Human-looking being about 1.2 meters tall wearing a gray one-piece suit from neck to the toe, a metalic collar round the neck, and a broad shining belt. The face just like a human was beautiful and similar to ivory in color. The hair reaching his shoulders was slightly curvy long blond-silver. The eyes were green, the teeth were white.
*The depiction of the entity on Villanueva's book seen in the following website is extremely similar to the depiction of Yahweh in the early Japanese version of Rael's book except for the Chinese-like face, the black hair, and the black long beard mentioned before.
"UFO Contact in Mexico Salvador Villanueva" http://galactic.no/rune/mexicoufocontact1953.htm
* "Gnosis 2002 Contactados" http://www.gnosis2002.com/ovni/contactados.html
* "UFO Related Entities Catalog Salvador Villanueva" http://ufologie.patrickgross.org/ce3/1953-08-17-mexico-ciudadvalles.htm
* "Ciudad Valles in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciudad_Valles
Villanueva asked the entity if he was a pilot. The entity replied his plane was not far away and left walking.
Villanueva slept in his car, but was awakened by a knock. The pilot again appeared with another similar pilot. Then Villanueva invited them in his car and talked.
They said they were living on another planet. Their civilization is million times more advanced than the Earth. Their babies and children are educated by the government from just after the birth. After the education, graduates are sent to proper sites. Long ago, there were wars on their planet, but it became peacefully reigned for thousands of years because of intelligence of their leaders. The leaders suppress nations and national flags. The central committee of Wise Men spreads wisdom, morality, and love, local delegates satisfy people's needs.
*Thus, Villanueva's claim is quite similar to Rael's claim.

Subsequently, Villanueva was taken along to a blue semitransparent UFO (alien craft). The shape was like a crushed ball. Stairs extended from the bottom of the UFO, he boarded the UFO with the 2 ETs. The blue UFO took off, a large disk-shaped black UFO appeared, the blue UFO entered the large black UFO from the top of the black UFO. There were other similar 6 ETs in the black UFO. 4 of them wore gray suits, the other 2 wore bright chestnut suits. The 6 gray suit ETs seemed respecting the 2 chestnut ETs.

Then he had some days' trip to the planet.

Villanueva changed his clothes to a one-piece suit. The black UFO reached the planet, landed on a roof of a square building. The site around there was filled with square buildings. Fruit is cultivated on the roof where the UFO landed on. A huge vault covered the city. The vault is luminous all day. There is no night. Small air crafts are flying in the sky (under the vault).
An elevator was at an edge of the roof. The building where they landed on was a dining-building. Most floors were for dining. Some floors were crowded. They found vacant seats. The floor was filled with seats, each seat was equipped with a drawer type table. 5 types of foods were on a tray. Their hardness and texture were the same. They eat them with a flat spoon. ETs in this building were all below 1 meter tall. The hair reaching the shoulders is curvy blond-silver. The skin is ivory, the eyes are green. Villanueva's attendant explained that they are small because they favor it.
A lower floor is for transportation. Moving walkways are running. There are neither decoration nor windows on the buildings except horizontal lines between the floors. The walls are like crystal mirrors reflecting the surroundings. The buildings have 1 color respectively. The colors of the buildings depend on their functions. A dining building built every 4 blocks is blue. The roads are metallic yellow or dark brown. Various vehicles are running. A single occupancy vehicle is equipped with a control lever. A ten-story vehicle like a bus can be seen. Vehicles are equipped with tires and suction devices. Trash from the tires are sucked by the suction device.

A group consists of 24 buildings. Each group has a dining building, a medical building, a movie theater building, a sound theater building, a laundry building, an administration building, and so on.
Each building is equipped with restrooms (lavatories). When it is vacant, it is lighted. When someone approaches within 1.5 m, it gets dark. The toilet is mango-shaped. The top is like the tapered edge of an egg. When one mounts on the toilet, it softly fits well. After the affairs, pushing down a small tab on the right, a fine shower washes away the uncleanness, makes refreshed, and it is dried.

One day, Villanueva curiously met "Frenchmen" (possibly from the Earth) in a building. The frenchmen seemed ugly compared with the small ETs.

When Villanueva enjoyed in a sound theater, an ET was picked up from a seat and was carried to a gap of the wall. It seemed like confined in a coffin, they explained that a man sat died and dealt with it. They sometime die on a road, nearby ETs are responsible for carrying the corpse to a crusher.

Villanueva was sent to the Earth. Arriving at the place where his car broke down, he promised to the ETs that he would spread his experience as best as possible.
A driver picked him up near the place. Villanueva told the experience to the driver, but he didn't believe that. In addition, a headache started in Villanueva's head. He told the story to others, but few people believed it.
He noted that he missed a chance to ask the location of the planet. Meanwhile, when he was lying in bed at 3 a.m., 2 ETs appeared and started an astronomy lecture. They showed a fixed star, 9 planets, and 37 satellites, pointed the 2nd planet from the fixed star. They disappeared, Villanueva thought that the planet should be Venus.
When Villanueva meditated, ETs blamed him for his idleness. Then he started writing down the experience. At the beginning, he didn't expect to write smoothly, but it became automatic writing (automatism), he soon finished writing it down.
*According to Rael, Rael also experienced automatic writing when he wrote the meeting with Yahweh.

A few days later, a passenger of his taxi paid it in a lottery instead of money. Later, the lottery made him win.
Then Villanueva went to a clothing store with his children bringing his wallet and the gained money to buy new clothes. But when he was about to pay for it, he noticed that he lost the wallet and the money, he couldn't buy it. He returned home, he found the wallet and the money in his pocket. He again went to the clothing store, was about to pay for it, but again the wallet and the money in his pocket were lost.
On the way home, he heard impish laughter close to his ears. Then he noticed that the money was given by the ETs to spread his story. He went to a publishing company, paid money in advance to publish his story, his headache was gone.

Villanueva met the ETs again in August 1965 CE.
He was running a auto-repair shop at the time. One day, a black Mercedes stopped in front of his shop. The driver was in Mexican military uniform with dark skin. The hair was cut short around the ears. 2 men in sky-blue suits sitting in the rear seats were small and the faces were beautiful. Bright eyes and ivory skin. They were the 2 whom he met before, but the hair was cut short.
They proposed to visit Villanueva's house, Villanueva agreed. They walked to Villanueva's house, but no one seemed to have been surprised at their weird appearance. They entered Villanueva's house, but his family also didn't seem to have been surprised at their weird appearance.
They sat on a sofa, asked him about his missing persons. He recalled his father and mother. Then his father and mother appeared where the ETs were just before. However, his father and mother soon disappeared, the ETs appeared again. They said that they did it to show that they can freely present images of the past and the future. Subsequently, they presented an image taking him to an UFO viewing Mexico from the sky. Huge ships were being conveyed from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean on trailers. They also saw houses floating on the sea.
Villanueva awoke, they were sitting on the sofa.
They returned to his shop, then they drove away. Contact around 1953 CE

According to Daniel Burisch, as mentioned later, contact with ETs started from UFO crash in Kingman, Arizona in 1953 CE. Burisch claims some pieces of disinformation were spread to cover up the truth. However, regardless of Burisch's outstanding claims, explanation in this section is for now based on the traditional story and Casbolt's story avoiding Burisch's claims for orderly detailed understanding.

The Rockefellers and MJ-12 started to contact with ETs since 1953 CE.
The following contribution would be concisely to the point, based on the traditional story yet unrelated to Casbolt's story.
* "The Coming Official Announcement" http://educate-yourself.org/cn/fakedalieninvasion.shtml

Astronomers found a large spaceship entered the solar system heading for the Earth in 1953 CE. Project Sigma and Project Plato, included in Project Sign or such to establish communication with ETs, intercepted ETs' radio communication, decoded their language, and succeeded in communication. There were several kinds of ETs.
* "Exopaedia Plato Project" https://www.exopaedia.org/Plato+Project

First, prior to Castle Bravo Hydrogen-Bomb Test on March 1, 1954 CE, they met 2 white-haired white skin Human-looking ETs over 1.8 m tall (supposedly Nordics) on February 20, 1954 CE. Eisenhower disappeared from Palm Springs and rushed to Edwards Air Force Base (California) to meet them on February 20, 1954 CE. Human-looking ETs warned that the ETs orbiting the equator were hostile beings from Orion. The Human-looking ETs requested the US Government (the Rockefellers) to abolish nuclear weapons, advocate total abolition of nuclear weapons, stop wars, and stop polluting the Earth.
However, the Human-looking ETs refused to provide advanced technology to MJ-12, the Rockefellers and the subordinate, President Eisenhower, then refused the requests of the Human-looking ETs.
*Find the reference to "2 white-haired Nordics" in the following website (Salla's Exopolitics) on Eisenhower's February 20, 1954 CE.
* "Exopolitics Study Paper 8" http://exopolitics.org/Study-Paper-8.htm
* "Castle Bravo in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Bravo

*According to Rael, abolition of nuclear weapons is one of the primary requests of Yahweh and the Human-looking ETs (supposedly Nordics) would be agents of Yahweh. The hostile ETs from Orion would be Greys type B.

Subsequently, Greys from Zeta Reticuli (supposedly Greys type A) or Greys from Orion (supposedly Greys type B) landed at Holloman Air Force Base (Alamogordo, southern site of New Mexico) on April 25, 1954 CE.
Greys had a translation device and communicated in English. Greys (type A or B) claimed their planet and their genes have become weaker and they need new residential areas and genetic experiments to survive. They offered to provide advanced technology in return and reached basic agreement.
Subsequently, the second meeting took place. Greys showed a holographic image of the Crucifixion of Jesus and alleged that Homo Sapiens was created through hybridization, RH Negative blood type is a trace of the hybridization.
* "RH Blood Group System in Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rh_blood_group_system
Details were agreed and President Eisenhower signed the formal treaty (Greada Treaty 1954).
(This treaty seems covered up even from the Rothschilds.) Greada Treaty in 1954 CE

The Treaty stated as follows. The USA would keep their presence a secret. Greys would provide advanced technology for the USA. Greys would not make any treaty with any other nations on the Earth. They could temporarily abduct humans without harm and mutilate animals to a certain extent for their research. Underground bases would be constructed for the joint use of Greys and the USA and technology would be exchanged in the bases. Representatives would be accepted each other.

*According to ex-MI6 agent James Casbolt, as mentioned above, he claims the 1st treaty with "the Greys representing the Reptilians from Orion" was signed on July 11, 1934 CE stating technological provision and abduction, the 2nd extending treaty was signed in 1944 CE, the 3rd treaty was signed in May 1954 CE (every 10 years). However, details are uncertain. KRLL

The first representative of Greys was spelled "KRLL" (, KRYL, KRLLL, CRLL, or CRLLL) and pronounced "Krill." He was called "His Omnipotent Highness Krilll" or "O. H. Krill," while frequently called "Original Hostage Krill." (On the other hand, he might be called "Ebe #2.") He was led to Los Alamos (northern site of New Mexico). He started to record "Yellow Book" (a historical record of Greys). However, he became sick and died.

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