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2.6.1 Introduction to the Theory of Everything

As mentioned before, Yahweh prepares the fabricated story for the end time, the story employs the theory of Evolution and other false theories in physics such as Superstring theory and misunderstanding about the Special Theory of Relativity. Then physics should be learned for correct understanding.
On the other hand, "Source of Substances and the Universe" has been a tough question for humans on the earth as well as the Origin of Life. As mentioned before, prospects for the Origin of Life seem rather bright.
Simillarly, the issue on the Source of Substances and the Universe should be clarified as well. The issue to be clarified is "Whole Inclusive Theory of Everything."
This question in physics might be commonly called "Theory of Everything (in a broad sense)."
(Understanding of physics is also helpful to see through the coming J-Rods' fabricated theory of "Many World Interpretaion.")
* "Theory of Everything in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_everything
("Theory of Everything (in a narrow sense)" is merely a concept involving unification of the 4 forces (Gravity, Weak Force (Weak Interaction), Electromagnetic Force, and Strong Force (Strong Interaction)).
The most likely primary answer of "Theory of Everything (in a broad sense)" as of 2013 CE could be "Causal Dynamical Triangulation" derived from "Loop Quantum Gravity Theory" associated with the General Theory of Relativity, rather than "Superstring Theory." "Causal Dynamical Triangulation" would favorably be integrated with the General Theory of Relativity and Gravity.
However, as mentioned before, Rael claims "Fractal (self-similar) myriad Multiverse" with infinite Multilayered structure of the universes, and it would rather hold mathematical integrity. Then "Fractal myriad Universes" with infinite Multilayered structure should be added to the "integrated Causal Dynamical Triangulation and the General Theory of Relativity."
Consequently, the most part of a Universe would be accounted for by integration of Causal Dynamical Triangulation and the General Theory of Relativity, and "Fractal (self-similar) myriad Universes" with infinite Multilayered structure follow.
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* "Causal Dynamical Triangulation in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causal_dynamical_triangulation
* "Fractal Cosmology in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal_cosmology
* "Multiverse in Wikipedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiverse

Specifically, substances and other elements are firstly well explained employing elementary particles in the "Standard Model." However, it requires correction. On the other hand, spacetime and Gravity would be associated with the "Standard Model" and the further theories would be "Superstring Theory," "Loop Quantum Gravity," and "Causal Dynamical Triangulation." In addition, there could be a staggering number (myriad) of universes (like some 10500 universes). This universe is merely one of the staggering number of self-similar universes.
However, these theories are no doubt complicated. Basic physics should be learned (along the history of physics) prior to the Theory of Everything.
An outline of the history of physics might be summarized as follows.

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